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Demeter (Ceres)

What is important about Demeter?

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Demeter is the Goddess of grains like wheat, barley, & millet. She is an Earth Goddess.

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Why was Demeter important?

She was the goddess of grains.

What did Demeter do that was important?

Demeter was the goddess of crops: wheat, vegetables, and fruits. If Demeter didn't take care of them, the crops will die and people will not have food to eat so they will starve,

How important is Demeter?

Very important. Without her, crops can't grow and there will be no food.

Why was Demeter important to her civilization?

because she is the goddess of harvest

Which goddesses were more important?

Hera, Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite.

What did Demeter like?

Her daughter persephone was the most important thing to her.

Why was Demeter important to greek culture?

She was important because she made foods for the Greeks. She was the goddess of the harvest.

Was Demeter or Dionysus more important to the Greeks?

Dionysus, I don't know much about him, but Demeter IS important because she is the goddess of the crops and she helps people with their fields. Also, the gods and goddesses like her for she is so kind.

What are they the god of Demeter?

There was no "god of Demeter", Demeter was a Greek goddess.

What were the names of all important Greek goddesses?

The most important ones were: Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Aphrodite, Artemis, Persephone.

Who were Demeter husband?

Demeter did not have a husband. Demeter had a consort in Iasion and Karmanor.

What is a good slogan for Demeter the goddess?

Demeter the meter! come see Demeter heaters!

Is Demeter a good or bad person?

Demeter is not a person, Demeter is a Greek goddess.

Who is Demeter marrried to?

Demeter was not married. Demeter had two consorts in Karmanor and Iasion.

Is Demeter a roman name?

No. Demeter is a Greek name. The Roman name for Demeter is Ceres.

Is the god Demeter a boy or a girl?

Demeter is a girl. Demeter was a Greek goddess of agriculture.

What is Demeter the god of?

Demeter Is the Goddess Of Agriculture.

Was Demeter a virgin goddess?

No, she was not. Demeter had children.

What were Demeter weak side?

Demeter does not have one.

Who does Demeter protect?

demeter protects the harvest

Who was Demeter a resident of?

Demeter lived on Olympus.

Who was Demeter husban?

Demeter had consorts, she did not marry.

Was Demeter marrried?

No Demeter never married

Was Demeter a real person?

Demeter can be a persons name, but the Demeter of Greek myth was a goddess not a person.

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