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Fertile soil. Abundant water. Poverty. A history of racial injustice and violence. A bright future.
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What is the Mississippi flyway?

Answer . The Mississippi Flyway is a bird migration route that generally follows the Mississippi River in the United States and the Mackenzie River in Canada.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mississippi_Flyway

Is Mississippi a lake?

Answer . Mississippi is a state and a river. I've never heard of a Mississippi lake though.

Why is the Mississippi River named the Mississippi?

Though the river was called by many different names, the name Mississippi given to it by the Indians was the name that was used on Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle's map of the area in 1695. "The name Mississippi is derived from the Ojibwe word misi-ziibi ("Great River") or gichi-ziibi ("Big R ( Full Answer )

Where is Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi is located at the very southern edge ofthe United States. It covers an area of 48,434 square miles and isbordered by the state of Alabama. Mississippi is located in the southern region of the United States.Mississippi is located in between Louisiana and Alabama. Thelatitude ( Full Answer )

When was Mississippi founded?

The original Mississippi Territory created by the US Congress in1798.. In 1817, Congress divided the Mississippi Territory into thestate of Mississippi and the Alabama Territory. On Dec. 10, 1817,Mississippi joined the Union and became the 20th state.

What does Mississippi means?

Mississippi is from an indian word meaning "father of waters."The translation comes from the chippewa words "mici Zibi" meaning "great river" or "gathering in of all the waters" and the Algonguin and french word "Messipi"

What is the population for Mississippi?

Mississippi, known as The Magnolia State and The Hospitality State,has a population of 2,984,926. Jackson, the state capital, has apopulation of 175,437.

Does Mississippi have mountains?

MS has hilly areas but no real mountains. The highest point is MS is 806 feet above sea level. They call it a mountain but most people would call it a big hill.

Area of Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi, bordered on much of its western edge bythe Mississippi River, is heavily forested, although it is alsocomprised of large delta areas and has nearly 80 miles of coastalarea along the Gulf of Mexico. Its total land area amounts to46,923 square miles.

Who was Mississippi?

Mississippi wasn't a person be an Indian word. The native American (Indian) name meant "Father of Waters" and comes from Chippewas words "mici zibi" which means "great river" or "gathering in of all the waters" and the Algonquin word "Messipi"

What is the nickname for mississippi?

The nickname for Mississippi is The Magnolia State. The magnolia istheir state flower and is shown on the Mississippi state quarter.

Where is the Mississippi on the map?

the Mississippi river runs south from st. paul, mn to new Orleans, LA; the state Mississippi is between Alabama and louisanna

All about Mississippi?

Mississippi became a US state on December 10, 1817. It covers atotal of 48,430 square miles and has a population of 2,984,926. Itscapital is Jackson and its nicknames are the Magnolia State and theHospitality State.

Mississippi is an example of what?

The Best and Worst: Mississippi Can be Called: . The Ante-Bellum South. . Worse then Mississippi Burning. . A better place to live then New Orleans when Katrina struck. . A bad place to live if Gulport was your home when Katrina struck. . A great place to live in 1860 if you were white an ( Full Answer )

What is 'The Mississippi'?

It's a river in the midwestern United States. It is the largest river in the US

What is the economy of Mississippi?

Between the Civil War and World War II, Mississippi's economy remained poor, stagnant, and highly dependent on the market for cotton-a bitter legacy from which the state is only now beginning to recover. As in the pre-Civil War years, Mississippi exports mainly raw materials and imports mainly manuf ( Full Answer )

What are the Mississippi minerals?

Petroleum and natural gas areimportant natural resources in Mississippi. Other mined productsinclude clays, limestone, lignite and sand and gravel.

Which celebrity is from Mississippi?

B B King . Elvis Presley . Charley Pride . Muddy Waters . Oprah Winfrey . Tammy Wynette . Morgan Freeman . Faith Hill . James Earl Jones

What is facts about Mississippi?

Mississippis state nickname is the magonolia state. . It has the lowest income of the US states. . It is the 20th US State. . It is the 32nd state in area. . Its capital is Jackson. . The official state toy is the Teddy Bear. it is ends on Louisiana it is ends on louisiana

What can you do in Mississippi?

There are many things that people can do while in Mississippi,including visiting museums. People can also go shopping, go to themovies, and hang out with friends.

Why was Mississippi named Mississippi?

The native American (Indian) name meant "Father of Waters" and comes from Chippewas words "mici zibi" which means "great river" or "gathering in of all the waters" and the Algonquin word "Messipi"

Where is Mississippi state?

Mississippi is in the United States, located on the eastern side of the Mississippi river east of Arkansas and Louisiana, south of Tennessee and west of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. It is on the Northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi State University is approximately 100 miles nor ( Full Answer )

Is there a Memphis in Mississippi?

There was a Memphis in Mississippi until 2004 when it became a part of Walls, Mississippi. It is located in DeSoto county.

How do you get to the Mississippi river from meridian Mississippi?

To get to the Mississippi River from Meridian, MS, you simply take Interstate 20 through Jackson, MS to Vicksburg, MS. Once entering Vicksburg, continuing on Interstate 20 crosses the Mississippi River. Another route is to use Interstate 20 to Jackson, MS. continue to the Natchez Trace and continu ( Full Answer )

Is Mississippi in the US?

Both the river and the state are within the United States. The Mississippi River flows south from Minnesota, gains tributaries including the Ohio and Missouri Rivers, and flows into the Gulf of Mexico in southeast Louisiana. The state of Mississippi is on the east bank of the river, to the north a ( Full Answer )

When did he come to Mississippi?

When did who come?! you can't just say he and expect us to read your mind. that's like me saying "get me it" and expecting the person who i was talking to, to know what i meant. my point is, be more descriptive.

Where is the Mississippi dlta located in Mississippi?

The Mississippi River delta is in Louisiana, not Mississippi. It is in the peninsula in the southern part of the state that sticks out into the Gulf of Mexico. The above answer refers to the actual river mouth delta, however the term "Mississippi delta" also refers to the alluvial floodplain regi ( Full Answer )

Was there a tornado in Mississippi?

Yes. There have been many tornadoes in Mississippi. Most recently 6 tornadoes touched down on April 4, 2011 all of them rated EF1. If you had another date in mind, please specify.

Are there gangs in Mississippi?

Yes all over I am from Mississippi. Hattiesburg to be exact it may not seem like but down here there is fighting and shooting all the time between different gangs. Also it is very horrible in Jackson, Biloxi, and in Laurel.

What continent in Mississippi?

It's not a continent in Mississippi, Mississippi is a state in the U.S.A in North America

Where in Mississippi is Jackson?

Jackson, Mississippi is the capital of the state, and is located in central Mississippi. It is located about 150 miles due north of New Orleans, Louisiana.

What is Mississippis nickname and how did it get it?

The official nickname forMississippi is The Magnolia State. It has that nickname because ofthe beauty of the magnolia trees in Mississippi. The magnolia treeis the official state tree for Mississippi. The magnolia is theofficial state flower for Mississippi.

Where is Mississippi from?

The Mississippi River rises out of Lake Itasca in northernMinnesota and flows southward for 2,320 miles to the MississippiRiver Delta at the Gulf of Mexico.

What is Mississippi governor?

Phil Bryant is the 64th and currentGovernor of Mississippi. He is a member of the Republican Party. Hewas elected in 2011 and assumed the office on January 10, 2012. TheGovernors in Mississippi serve a four year term and are restrictedto two terms in office.

What does Mississippi mine?

Petroleum and natural gas areimportant natural resources in Mississippi. Other mined productsinclude clays, limestone, lignite and sand and gravel.

Were does the Mississippi empty into?

The Mississippi River rises out ofLake Itasca in northern Minnesota and flows southward for 2,320miles to the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf of Mexico.

In Mississippi what are the tribe?

The Biloxi, Capinans, Chakchiuma,Chickasaw, Choctaw, Choula, Dakota Sioux, Grigra, Houma, Ibitoupa,Koroa, Moctobi, Natchez, Ofo, Okelousa, Pascagoula, Pensacola,Quapaw, Taposa, Tiou, Tunica and Yazoo Native American tribes livedin Mississippi.

What the neighbor to Mississippi?

Mississippi is bordered by Tennesseeto the north; Alabama to the east; Arkansas across the MississippiRiver; Louisiana to the west; and the Gulf of Mexico to thesouth.

Is there a Clinton Mississippi?

Clinton is a city in Hinds County,Mississippi. Based on population, it is the tenth largest city inMississippi.

Where the mountain on Mississippi?

The highest point of elevation inMississippi is Woodall Mountain at 806 feet above sea level.Woodall Mountain is located just south of Iuka, Mississippi.

Is Phoenix in Mississippi?

Phoenix is a major U.S. city in Arizona. There is a community inYazoo County, Mississippi with the name Phoenix.

Is there a museum in Mississippi?

There are many museums in Mississippi including the Jefferson DavisPresidential Library and Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi Museum ofNatural Science in Jackson, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, andthe Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum in Biloxi.

What was the Mississippi?

The Mississippi refers to theMississippi River. It is a major river in North America. The riverrises out of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and flows southwardfor 2,320 miles to the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf ofMexico.