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What is in a mojo bag?



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mojo means Clint


the contents vary based upon who creates the bag and the bag's intended purpose. The bag is usually red flannel, but is sometimes green (money) or yellow (though red seems to be de facto).

almost always includes:

John the conqueror root (sometimes wrapped in a $2 bill).

matched lodestones ("male" & "female") or a pair of scotty dog magnets


perhaps another root (angelica, for example).

bat wings (or a small, plastic bat)

a mercury (silver) dime, or a dime from the year of the holder's birth.

prayer(s), a/o wishes written on parchment (or brown paper bag paper)

African mojo beans (7 or 13 usually).

personal affects or hair from an intended victim (in black magic).

herbs appropriate for the desired charm/spell. . .

the mojo is anointed with specific oils (van van oil, for example) and/or incense and sometimes bodily fluids.