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It is a glass thermometer.


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If the last word was meant to be "alcohol", then the answer is a thermometer.

It is called a thermometer - used to measure temperature. The liquid in the bulb expands more than the glass when the temperature rises, so the length of the column of liquid in the tube increases with temperature.

A Thermometer. It is used to sense temperature changes.As the liquid expands and contracts with heating or cooling, when set on a calibrated scale, you can get a pretty exact reading on the amount of the changes.

usually a type of alcohol now

No. Alcohol doesn't contain caffeine.

Beer usually contains between 4 to 8% ethyl alcohol by volume.

The orange colored lights seen along roadways use sodium. The white colored lights usually use mercury.

Alcohol can usually be detected for about 72 hours. The alcohol can be from drinking alcoholic beverages, using mouthwash that contains alcohol, using hand sanitizer that contains alcohol, eating food containing alcohol, having an injection site cleansed with alcohol, etc.

The metal that was used in thermometers was mercury, however now alcohol is usually used.

Different thermometers make use of different physical properties, that change with temperature - for example, volume, electrical resistance, and others. The basic household thermometer simply has a liquid - previously mercury, nowadays usually colored alcohol - that expands when it is heated.

Lager usually contains around 3% to 6% alcohol (ethanol).

Usually rubbing alcohol contains methyl alcohol. It will kill you or at-least make you blind. Never use rubbing alcohol for drinking purpose. Specially when you have so many good alcohol beverages to drink.

It is a thermometer, and is used to show the temperature.

They shouldn't.. unless you get shampoo or soap in your eyes, which usually contains alcohol that can burn your eyes.

Alcohol content is measured by BAC or blood alcohol content. 1.5 oz of liquor, or one shot, is considered a standard drink, if it contains about 40% alcohol.

Not usually--nail varnish is alcohol-resistant. The "non acetone" remover contains ethyl acetate, and the "acetone" remover is acetone.

Starch contains oxygen, usually as hydroxy (alcohol) groups.

Clinical thermometers. They can be (and usually made) by glass hollow rods with mercury inside). So I would say 'no diiference' considering the fact that: A clinical thermometer made with glass and mercury inside. Now - a - days other types of thermometers are used (to avoid mercury). Some contains alcohol (for glass type), some are made up like robbons with censors implanted.

Planets usually contain atmospheres. All planets except mercury have atmospheres. Saturn's moon - Titan is the only moon with atmosphere.

In answering this question there's a necessity to be precise with terminology, because otherwise "yes," "no," and "what the heck do you mean?" are all valid answers. In the chemistry sense: Vanillin does not contain alcohol, it is an alcohol; that is, it's an organic compound with an -OH group. In the normal person sense: Vanillin itself does not contain alcohol, but vanilla extract does usually contain alcohol; again, to be specific, it usually contains ethyl alcohol, which is what most non-chemists mean when they say "alcohol."

Mercury red (usually called red mercury) is a hoaxsubstance of uncertain composition purportedly used in the creation of nuclear bombs. It does not exist, so it could not be in thermometers.

No, alcohol is usually a reducer.

There are many kinds of thermometer in use. Liquid in glass thermometers usually contain alcohol (dyed red or blue) or mercury (silvery coloured).

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