What is in the mouth of the cat that's tattooed on the ankle of the actor who received a star at 6259 Hollywood Boulevard in July 2010?

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Tweety Bird
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Is it hurtful to have a tattoo on your ankle?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! . yes it does!! T don't have one but I know that it hurts to get a tattoo anywhere!!!. Yes it can hurt very bad because they use a needle. . I have never gotten one but I can tell you that I know the ankle is not the most painful place for a tattoo. If you don't want it to hu ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a tattoo on right ankle?

There is no specific meaning associated with a tattoo located onthe right ankle, it would depend on the tattoo itself. Ankletattoos, such as bracelet tattoos, are particularly popular withwomen.

Who is the actor that's bald on Star Trek?

In which Star Trek??? If he wears a blue uniform and has a bit of hair round the edge of his head and features in Star Trek Voyager, chances are it is Robert Picardo or in Star Trek The Next Generation - Patrick Stewart. Bald is a very vague term ;)

What do ankle tattoos mean?

There is no specific meaning behind ankle tattoos. This is just aplace where people can put the different tattoos.

What does an ankle tattoos mean?

it means NOTHING. stop looking for meaning in all tattoos. many tattoos are simply whimsical and fun or aesthetically pleasing. they don't all mean things. also, different designs mean different things to different people. there isn't an end all answer. try asking the person it's on what it means to ( Full Answer )

Which villain had a tattoo of an eye on his ankle?

Count Olaf had a tattoo of an eye on his ankle. If u don't trust me look up the lemony Snicket books on Series of unfortunate events but i know that I'm right i have just read the 13 of his books. Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events

When did Smokey Robinson receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

On March 20, 2009, the Miracles were honored with a star on theHollywood Walk of Fame. Smokey Robinson was present at the ceremonywith the original Miracles members Bobby Rogers, Pete Moore,(Bobby's cousin) Claudette Rogers and Gloria White who wasaccepting for her late husband Ronnie White.

How has a tattoo of an eye on his ankle?

because all the members of the V.F.D. has that tattoo (people who has an eye's tattoo: count olaf , dr monty Montgomery ,aunt josephine, mr. and mrs. baudelaire, Esme sqalor, ect.)

Is fidm school near Hollywood boulevard?

FIDM is close to Hollywood and it's also close to the beach and the mountains as well! My friends graduated from FIDM and they not only loved downtown LA and FIDM, but they spent their weekends visiting the beach and the mountains. There's also lots of great shopping places and landmarks around FIDM ( Full Answer )

What actor's star is located on 6667 Hollywood Boulevard?

The actor with the star at 6667 Hollywood Boulevard is Gene Autrey. He is the celebrity with the most " stars " on the HollywoodWalk of Fame. His five stars are located at 6644, 6520, 6384, 6667,and 7000 Hollywood Boulevard,

Who directed the movie Hollywood Boulevard?

The movie Hollywood Boulevard was directed by Allan Arkush and Joe Dante. It is a 1976 comedy movie that showcases the glamours nature and lifestyle of Hollywood.

Where is Hollywood Boulevard located?

Hollywood Boulevard is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Hollywood Boulevard is a street in Hollywood. Hollywood Boulevard is a big tourist attraction and has many Walk of Fame names on it's sidewalks.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Breaking into Hollywood Show - 2010?

The cast of The Breaking into Hollywood Show - 2010 includes: Maria Aceves as Herself - Host Jordana Arkin as Herself - Guest Joni Bovill as Herself - Guest Kirk Bovill as Himself - Guest Angela Marie Hutchinson as Herself - Guest Bernadette Rivero as Guest - Herself Joy Shannon as Herself - Guest K ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in A Hollywood Star - 1929?

The cast of A Hollywood Star - 1929 includes: Marjorie Beebe as Sophie Schmaltz Andy Clyde as Ed Martin Hubert Diltz as Man in Theatre Audience Harry Gribbon as Jack Marlowe Earl Stafford as Onlooker in front of Theatre Kathryn Stanley as Minor Role Bert Swor as Mr. Schmaltz

What actors and actresses appeared in Stars Over Hollywood - 1950?

The cast of Stars Over Hollywood - 1950 includes: Dorothy Adams Mary Adams Leon Ames as Spade Winters Stanley Andrews Stanley Andrews as Lars Peterson Stanley Andrews as Purvis Cliff Arquette Lois Austin Tol Avery Richard Avonde Joan Banks Edgar Barrier Jeanne Bates James Bell as Sheriff Richard Ben ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Shooting the Hollywood Stars - 2011?

The cast of Shooting the Hollywood Stars - 2011 includes: Tuuli as herself Rankin as Himself - Presenter Selma Blair as herself Clara Bow as herself Charles Chaplin as himself Melanie Inglessis as Herself - Make-up Artist Leslie Mann as herself Marilyn Monroe as herself Jane Russell as herself Micha ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Hotel Hollywood - 2010?

The cast of Hotel Hollywood - 2010 includes: Natasha Cayman as Niti Param Gill as Jai Mehr Hassan as Priya Mobin Khan as Mausa Jee Gladys Khan as Mausi Rahul Nath as Tony Krishnan Chandan Prithiani as Rajeev Samira Saha as Gayatri sharma Nik Sharma as Manish Arsh Singh as Paul

What actors and actresses appeared in Vlaamse Hollywood Vrouwen - 2010?

The cast of Vlaamse Hollywood Vrouwen - 2010 includes: Tatyana Beloy as herself Astrid Bryan as herself Rich Jacques as himself Corina Marinescu as herself Olivia Moorkens as herself Nora Novak as herself Laurens Nuyens as himself Radu Pieptea as himself Peter Rafelson as himself Greet Ramaekers as ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in The Star Reporter in Hollywood - 1937?

The cast of The Star Reporter in Hollywood - 1937 includes: Benny Bartlett as himself Connee Boswell as herself Martha Boswell as herself Vet Boswell as herself The Boswell Sisters as Themselves David Holt as himself Ted Husing as himself Quinlan Juvenile Singers as Themselves Bob Nolan as Himself - ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Hollywood - 2010?

The cast of Hollywood - 2010 includes: Ana Capella as Marta Guillermo de Haro as Guillermo Carolina Legaz as Leo Ana Mena as Sandra Paula Prendes as Zoe Antonio Puga Davila as Antonio Rebeca Sierra as Sara Natalia Sprenger as Alina

What actors and actresses appeared in Hollywood Mouth 2 - 2014?

The cast of Hollywood Mouth 2 - 2014 includes: Sam Bologna as Sal Getty Alexander Des Combes as Montgomery Clift Ronald Duthweiler as Bela Lugosi Chris Karmiol as Reverend Clifford La Cour Steven Lamprinos as Orson Welles Jordan Mohr as Berlyn Ferlinghetti Janelle Powers as Janis Joplin Jordan Prest ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Star Boulevard - 2002?

The cast of Star Boulevard - 2002 includes: Pink as herself Michael Caine as himself Johnny Depp as himself Farid Dms Debah as himself Henri Guybet as himself Janet Jackson as herself Sarah Michelle Gellar as himself Julianne Moore as herself Mike Myers as himself Vanessa Paradis as herself Usher Ra ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Bedford Park Boulevard - 2010?

The cast of Bedford Park Boulevard - 2010 includes: Sandra Elizabeth Rodriguez as Francia Kelsey Helton as Gertrude Samara Kelly as Girl in Cafeteria Grace Kiley as Ms. Ungar David Lavine as Mr. Enkle Melvin Mogoli as Ray Allie Nelson as Maria Joshua Rivera as Byron

Will an ankle tattoo fade?

Yes. They do fade quickly because of the rubbing aspects of theshoes from time to time.