What is increasing most in China - coal energy or wind energy?

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In 2012, for the first time, China increased its wind power production more than its coal power production!

  • Coal power production rose by 0.3%, an addition of roughly 12 terawatt hours (TWh) more electricity.
  • Wind power rose by about 26 TWh. This increases China's wind energy to 100TWh, putting it in third place after coal and hydro, and larger than nuclear in fourth place.
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What is wind energy?

A large mass of air moving over the landscape represents aconsiderable amount of energy. By building devices that will spinwhen the wind blows, it is possible to harness some of that energy.Most modern wind turbines are several hundred feet high, withpropellers that have 3 blades, each one about 150 ( Full Answer )

What is coal energy?

Coal energy is energy derived from the burning of coal. Coal is essentially fossilized carbon.

How does wind energy produce energy?

Most commonly through windmills. the wind pushes on a tilted blade causing it to rotate. A generator inside the windmill then truns the kinetic energy of the rotation into an electric current. u blow on it

Does coal give off the most energy?

In short, No. Coal comes in the middle of the pack when fuels are compared. Propane produces 21500 BTU per pound, Gasoline 17500 BTU per pound, Coal between 12,000 BTU per pound (Anthracite) to 10,000 BTU per pound (Bituminous) and wood (dried) 7000 BTU or so. On the other hand, Coal can be converte ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities between coal and wind energy?

None, however there are many dissimilarities. Coal is a fossil fuel. Burning it consumes a limited resource and generates CO2 which contributes to global warming. Wind generation, like solar power and hydro-electric generation do not involve consumption of minerals. Also, they are non-polluting form ( Full Answer )

How do you get energy from wind?

Wind energy is associated with the movement of atmospheric air which is converted into kinetic energy. This energy has been used for sailing, irrigation, and more recently for power generation.

Availability of solar energy tidal energy coal energy and wind energy?

Coal is portable, so once it is dug up and processed we can send it almost anywhere. The others are rather geographically dependant. Solar energy is fairly well available to most populations, because we tend to live in fairly temperate areas (though the people who live close to the poles don't have ( Full Answer )

Is coal an energy?

Not really.. Energy is released when coal is burned. It is not coal itself, but the reaction of oxygen and coal once ignited that results in energy.

What can you do to increase your energy?

I'm not an expert, but I am an athlete inHigh school, so I'll give it a shot.. If you want to increase your energy the best thing to do is cover the basics;. 1. Make sure you are sleeping well. Getting a basic 8 hours of sleep is beneficial, and an extra hour or so should be sought after if you ar ( Full Answer )

Wind energy is what form of energy?

Wind is an example of motion (kinetic energy). Using this kinetic energy it is possible to generate electricity. The kinetic energy of moving air initiates the force that turns a windmill's blades. It spins a drive shaft that in turn spins the shaft of a generator to make electricity. A gear box ( Full Answer )

Can wind energy be converted into energy?

Yes, kinetic energy can be converted into almost any other form of energy (if you can find the technology to do so) for example. into electric energy by using a spinning generator to produce electricity.

Why is the wind energy the best energy?

one reason is it will never run out sadly it does not always blow but they put wind turbines in windy spots (fields, plains, etc.) places where the wind will not be blocked by something.

How does the wind get energy?

Basically from the Sun. The Sun powers our weather systems, which is what makes the windsthat spins the turbines blow

How does wind energy give energy?

Power generated from the wind. The power of the wind cause windmills to turn, and that turning is used to turn generators, and the generators give off electrical energy that we can use.

What type of energy is wind energy?

Renewable energy. Wind energy is made by the wind it is really very simple all it is is the wind blowing wind then that electricity is drawn into a large generator which is then formed into wind energy that can power your home appliences.

What kind of energy of water increases as the water is heated by the coal?

As water is heated in a coal-fired boiler, the enthalpy of the water increases. Note that enthalpy is defined as: . H = U + pV . where. H is the enthalpy of the system U is the internal energy of the system p is the pressure at the boundary of the system and its environment V is th ( Full Answer )

Why is wind energy the energy of the future?

It will probably not be "the" energy of the future, but it is quite useful because of its inifnite renewability, minimimal harm to the environment, and reliability for energy. However it lacks in how much power it can produce and how consistent it produces it, which is where its downfall is.

What are social advantages of coal energy?

Communities all come together when a coal mine disaster occurs. Some coal barons donate magnanimously to their favorite charities, especially to congressmen unimpressed by the science of anthropogenic global climate change.

How is wind energy used for energy?

Wind energy relies on a propeller like instrument that is moved by the wind. When the blades of it are turning it is connected either directly, or through a set of gears to a generator of some kind. So that when the wind is blowing through the propeller causing it to spin it turns the generator whic ( Full Answer )

Is coal a better source of energy than wind turbines?

Yes In terms of energy yield and availability, it most certainly is. A large coal power plant can produce what a wind farm does in a much smaller space with fewer metal and labor resources used. Also, coal deposits in the earth are HUGE. They are so large in fact that they are expected to last over ( Full Answer )

Why is wind energy clean energy?

Because you're not exactly damaging the "Earth" (example: Global Warming, Green House Gases) you're using the natural air to make electricity. :)

How is the sun the original source of energy for both coal and wind?

SOUMYADIP PAL, ST.XAVIER'S HIGH SCHOOL, HALDIA , EAST MIDNAPORE,WEST BENGAL,(INDIA) (CLASS--8A/3) ;- Because of sun the natural disasters are occurring and before 10000000 years from now, many plants and trees got buried and thus due to the long natural occurrences such as, decomposing and compost ( Full Answer )

What are the original sources of energy for both coal and wind?

The source of the energy in coal and wind can ultimately be traced to the Sun. Coal is the compressed remains of vegetation that grew millions of years ago, so that was produced by the sun. Wind is part of our weather, and that is also driven by the sun.

How does coal energy get transferred in to electrical energy?

The coal is burnt to heat water into steam. the steam jet in turn is used to push a turbine the spinning turbine is connected onto a generator that generates electricity. The energy from a nuclear materials is utilized in the same way.

Where does the wind get its energy from?

The Sun. A fraction of the suns energy heats the air. Warm air rises higher into the atmosphere and cooler, more dense, air moves in to replace it causing the wind.

What is the energy source for most wind?

The energy source is the Sun. The heat from the Sun warms the air in some places more than others. Areas with warmer air have lower pressure, and because fluids (gases and liquids) always move toward lower pressure, large amounts of higher pressure, cooler air move toward areas with lower pressure, ( Full Answer )

What energy is there in wind?

Wind energy is kinetic energy, the energy of the moving air. The original source is the Sun. The sun powers our weatherpatterns, which is what make the air that spins the turbinesmove.

What type of coal is the most energy efficient?

Natural Gas, Solar Energy, Wind Power. The best type of coal and the most energy efficient is the coal that's still buried in the ground... LEAVE IT THERE!! TJ Daniels poet

How coal energy changed into mechanical energy?

By burning the coal. The stored chemical eneregy is converted to heat energy. That may be used to create steam. Expanding steam pushes a piston or turbine, converting the heat energy to mechanical energy.

Does coal produce more energy than wind turbines?

No. Coal generates more than half of the energy in the United States while wind power generates less than 1%. When talking about the amount of power (megawatts) produced, for example, the Nysted Wind Farm in Denmark has 72 turbines and a capacity of 165.6 megawatts. Assuming that 40 percent of th ( Full Answer )

What is wind energy-?

Wind energy is a form of energy conversion in which turbinesconvert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical or electricalenergy that can be used for power.

What is wind-energy?

It is the kinetic energy in the wind, which is half the mass timesthe velocity-squared, summed up for every small element of air inthe wind.