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Pandit nehru

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Q: What is indias first prieminister?
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FIrst Primenister of Pakistan?

liaquat ali khan was the first prieminister of pakistan.

Indias first newspaper?

Samachar Darpan

What is Indias first nuclear submarine?

INS Chakra

Who is indias first national president?

Dr.Mahatma Gandi

Where is indias first commercial power plant is located?


Indias first satellite was launched from?

Sriharikota Sriharikota

In which year indias first telephone are connected?

1890 1904 1896 1897

Who directed indias first 3Dfilm?

India's first 3D film Chota Chetan was directed by Jijo.

When was Compañías Indias created?

Compañías Indias was created in 1990.

Where was Indias first empire located?

Ganges River valley

Indias first civilization grew up near what river?

Indus river

In which year did the Sepoy Mutiny Indias first freedom struggle take place?

In 1857.