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What is indigenous belief?

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Indigenous belief is religion that was formed and practiced by a certain type, or tribe of people, like Native Americans or aboriginals. Indigenous is described as local to a place.

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Which indigenous group recorded their belief system and history with carved hieroglyphs?

The Maya

What indigenous group recorded their belief system and history with carved hieroglyphs?


What is the indigeneous food of Muslims?

I am a Cristian but i know the indigenous food if muslin. they don't eat pig for they have a reason for it. that is there belief as a Muslim. as a Cristian i respect them for they are human to be respected.

Which religion did the zapatistas believe in?

The Zapatistas do not have a specific stance on religion, there are mostly are from indigenous descent, and their back ground are mostly Mayan. Most Mayans practice a mixed religion of Christianity, but with a very strong indigenous belief. However the Zapatista unlike Mayans, do not have a particular belief system and do not require one to join in so long as you acknowledge that you are a human being who wants political democracy, justice and freedom.

What is a indigenous forest?

indigenous forest

Why aren't Kangaroos Indigenous?

All animals are indigenous to somewhere. Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.

What difference between indigenous and foreign literature ?


The hippopotomus is indigenous to what continent?

It is indigenous to Africa

Where are platypuses indigenous to?

Platypuses are indigenous to Australia.

How many followers are there in the indigenous?

Followers of what in the indigenous what - where?

Ten examples of indigenous fruits?

Indigenous to where?

What does 'indigenous' mean?


Is indigenous an adjective?

Yes, "indigenous" is an adjective.

What kind of belief system does Namibia believe?

In Namibia, Christians make up at least 80% of the population, and 50% Lutheran. 10% of the population holds Indigenous beliefs. The rest are unknown.

What was Lin Onus's opinion about indigenous and non-indigenous relations in Australia?

Lin Onus wanted the non- INDIGENOUS AND THE indigenous societies to join together

What is a good sentence to use indigenous in?

Native Alaskan peoples are indigenous to the geography, and there are no indigenous people in Antarctica.

Are there indigenous people in Guatemala?

Are there indigenous people in Guatemala?

How did indigenous people fish?

How do indigenous people fish

What are indigenous animals?

Indigenous means natural to that area.

What country is the peacock indigenous to?

The peacock is indigenous to India.

Indigenous religions to the Caribbean?

what the indigenous religion of the Caribbean

The hippopotamus is indigenous to what continentent?

The hippopotamus is indigenous to Africa

The hippopotamus is indigenous to what countinent?

The hippopotamus is indigenous to Africa

What is the Tagalog of indigenous?

Tagalog translation of INDIGENOUS: katutubo

Does Antarctica have an indigenous population?

There is no indigenous population in Antarctica.

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