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When instead of measuring the specific thing directly you measure some other aspect of the event and from that figure out the actual value. Ex. Lets say that you need to find out the height of a tower, but that you can not measure it from top to bottom with a measuring tape. You can measure the shadow on the ground and with knowledge of the suns position and the angle of the shadow calculate the height of the tower.

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Q: What is indirect measuring?
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What is example of indirect measurement?

-thermometer -measuring the speed of the car "radar"

How could you use indirect measurement to find the mass of a large boulder?

by measuring it to see what the length is and multiply that by the width

How are indirect measurements useful?

Indirect measurements are useful when it is not possible to measure the object for some reason. Scientists use indirect measurements when the measure the temperature of a flame my measuring the wavelength of the light being given off and calculating the temperature from a formula using that wavelength. The energy of electrons in atoms can only be measured using indirect means.

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A direct chemical method for measuring cell growth is by measuring a chemical component of the cell such as total protein or total DNA content. An indirect measurement measures chemical activity such as the rate of oxygen consumption.

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The oppisite measure of indrect method is direct method. Sorry, I am looking for the same question!!

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