What is indoctrination?

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Indoctrination is brain washing. The term indoctrination implies long term and subtle methods.

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Q: What is indoctrination?
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Who was in charge of indoctrination?

Who's indoctrination are you referring to?

When was Defiant Indoctrination created?

Defiant Indoctrination was created in 2005.

Indoctrination in a sentence?

The teacher was known for his indoctrination on based church religion. Indoctrination is the teaching a doctrine, principle, ideology, or point of view to others.

Is indoctrination child abuse?

Neglect of indoctrination is child abuse, Matt.18:6

How do you put indoctrination in a sentence?

His indoctrination into college life was a difficult transition with a lot of laughs.

How do you use the word indoctrination in a sentence?

After years of indoctrination, most Cubans do not complain about the failings of their leaders. The Hitler Youth program was designed for the indoctrination of teenage Germans.

Example of indoctrination?

You can say "Germany used the form of indoctrination on youths to manipulate their views on the Jews". Indoctrination is the act of instructively teaching something with specific ideology.

Use indoctrination in a sentence?

Indoctrination is, essentially, to cause someone to believe something. An example sentence is: Indoctrination helped George make Sandy believe she was going to Heaven.

What would be a good response to indoctrination?

A good response to indoctrination is not getting involved in what the captors are saying

How can I use the word indoctrination in a sentence?

Teaching someone to adopt doctrines uncritically. indoctrination is not so difficult.

How is indoctrination differ from education?

Indoctrination involves beliefs and superstitions while education deals with pure knowledge

What means of exploitation is he attempting?


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