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I own a Western field 12 ga (serial no g613481) that I purchased from Montgomery Wards in 1973-4. I believe it was made by Mossberg because I have ordered a replacement stock and barrel for a Mossberg 500 that fit perfectly. Your serial no is higher, so I'm guessing it was manufactured at a later date. .

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Q: What is info about the Western Field 12ga shot gun serial no g889105?
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Who manufactures western field M178b 12ga serial?

Chances are that your shotgun was a model 385k,or a 395K model shotgun made by Mossberg firearms company.

Did western field make a bolt action 12ga shotgun?


What year was 12ga serial?

No serial number = no answer.

Western field model 550AR 12ga made in US?

Yes, It was manufactured by Mossberg, In the United States.

Did Western Field make an M550k 12ga?

It was made by mossberg or savage for montgomery ward. I'm guessing the m means it was made by mossberg and if it doesn't have a serial number it is pre 1968 because mossberg didn't put serial numbers on their long guns pre that date.

What is the value of a 600a eri wards western field 12ga?

I don't think it is that much. It is the same as a Remington spt 58.

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Which model is it? The serial is not enough detail

Can you use a new Mossberg 500 barrel on your Western Field M550ABD 12ga?

western field/mossberg interchangabilityYes, You can interchange the mossberg 500a barrels with Your Western FieldM550abd. I want to improve the question. can interchange be accomplished in both westernfield 550abd and 550ad

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Hopkins and Allen arms co. 12ga serial #5832006

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i have 2 Remington model 141, carbine serial #c 69757 and a 141 gamemaster serial #25543. what are the production dates and how many were produced?

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who makes the westernfield 12ga shotgun model m505a

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You must provide the serial number or call Browning.

What butt stock will fit a 12GA western field M172B?

your western field shotgun was made for Montgomery wards by mossberg.There model number was 395K.I would look at numrich gun parts corp, or maybe E-gun parts,Both are on the web.

Can anyone trace Volunteer Arms 12ga single serial 453?

No published serial number data.

What is the value of a 12ga Browning Belgium serial?

No sn and no description = no way to answer.

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Who was the original manufacturer of the wards western field 12GA shotgun pump 28 vented rib barrel model 60-sb620-a?

It's a Stevens 620.

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You must supply a serial number and gauge to get the correct answer to your question.

What is the age of a Browning 12ga serial 5V 64542?

Your browning model auto-5 magnum 12ga shotgun was made by FN for browning in 1965.

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Impossible to answer without the serial number.

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100-1000 usd