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A Google search with the words, "Garden City Brewery Chicago", gave the following: The brewery existed from 1901 to 1950 and produced beers with the names "Daisy", "Old Brew" and "Erlangen".

I have a glass stein from the Garden City Brewery with the name PRIMATOR on it. My grandfather was part owner of the brewery. My father told me that the owners hired a brewmaster from Prague. I don't know anything else about it, but I don't think PRIMATOR was a beer.

I have not one, but two, glass beer steins with hinged top with the word "PRIMATOR", on them.

In the middle of the top is a crest with a Lion leaning on a barrel. Surrounding the crest are the words, "Garden City Brewery Chicago,ILL"

On the inside of the lid/cover, on the porcelain is imprinted, "Chicago White Metal Company". This is probably the firm who produced the pewter top.

Primator was the name of their premium beer (according to my 98-year-old Dad). My grandfather (his Dad)was apparently one of the owners in the company.

I have a picture of a tavern in Cicero that my Dad and Uncle owned during World War II. On the front window is the sign: 'Chicago's Best - Garden City Beer.' A friend of mine told me his uncle was a part owner in the firm.

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Q: What is info on Garden City Brewery?
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