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This listing appears in a booklet titled "Where to Eat and Sleep in Chicagoland" by Marie C Pedderson (1947): "ATLANTIC HOTEL, 316 S Clark St, Ph[one] Wabash 2646. One of the moderate priced Chicago hotels, located in the loop business district. 400 rooms. Single $1.75 to $4.00; double $3.00 to $5.00." ?
The Hotel Atlantic was originally the Kaiserhof, although the name was changed in 1917 due to anti-German sentiments. I think it was owned by the Teich family.
I'll see if I can dig up more. ?
This link has some postcard views of the Kaiserhof/Atlantic and some information, though I think it is mostly gleaned from the cards.
I am certain of the name change date in 1917, as I saw a contemporary Tribune article describing it. ?
According to History of the Development of Building Construction in Chicago by Frank A. Randall, updated by John D. Randall (UI Press 1999), incidentally, an outstanding resource for anyone interested in Chicago architecture and buildings, the hotel was built in 1892 and was torn down in 1971. It stood at 320-28 S. Clark. Besides the Kaiserhof and the Atlantic, it was also known as the Wyoming and the Gore. The original structure was 8 storys high, Max Teich as the architect, with the annex of 18 storys built in 1915 when it was still the Kaiserhof, Marshall & Fox architects.
I'm fairly sure that a Teich was also an owner of the Kaiserhof back before WWI.
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Q: What is info on Hotel Atlantic on Clark Street in Chicago?
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