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Richland Arms was an importer in Blissfield, Michigan, until 1986. The guns they imported were mostly made in Spain or Italy. You probably have a replica of some Civil War era revolver.

If it's Blonde colored wood it's probably a Richland Arms Co. Kentucky style pistol. I have a Richland Arms Flintlock rifle called the MICHIGAN rifle in .45 cal. and a wonderful rifle.The arms are rare now and were inported in the 1960's to early 70's. I assume the company is out of buisness now as there's no info to be had on them. The Richland caplock rifles were dangerous so I'm told by a master gunsmith and a friend. The Yorktown was named for blowing off the drum, stripping the hammer and chipping wood out of the breech area. .

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Q: What is info on a powder revolver stamped Richland Arms Co with the numbers 79699 and three other small markings?
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What is the value of a richland arms co revolver with black powder only made in Italy caliber 36 stamped on octagonal barrel with no ser?

If it is the 1851 Navy model the book value in 95%+ condition is around $120 and selling price is in the 100 to 140 range, if it is the Andrew target, 10" barrel adjustable sights, the book is around $200 and selling 175 to 250. Both were discontinued in 1994 when Richland ceased importing.

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Richland arms 10ga double barrel shotgun?

i have a 10 ga., double barrel "over & under". stamped on the barrel it says "made in Italy". on the other side of barrel is "Richland Arms Co.". I'm also a bit puzzeled and confused. Know anything ?

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