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What is info on an Eastern Arms Company single barrel 12 guage that shows no serial number and only other info says Proof Tested 12 gauge?


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Eastern arms was a small in home outfit that built firearms for individuals somewhere in Europe. They manufactured very few firearms, and they where mostly handcrafted. Each gun was an original. Although I have never heard of them creating a 12 guage its not impossible, most of the firearms they built were larger,10,8,6,4, and alot of speculation that they may have built a 2 guage. There was only two gentlemen that built these firearms, and I am not sure of there names. I you out a little.

I'd like some of whatever the person giving the last answer is smoking. Eastern Arms Company is a trade name that was used by Sears Roebuck c. 1900-1940. The actual manufacturer could have been Meriden Firearms, J. Stevens, Savage Arms or whoever offered the lowest price in a particular year.

I also have this shotgun and have been all over the internet trying to locate parts. I desperately need a fore end stock. I found a number on the receiver where the fore end normally covers. # 263, and 1/4" below that is a "B". I'd realy appreciate some help locating parts if they are available.


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Depression era shotgun sold by Sears and Roebuck, there was no requirement for serial numbers at the time. If it shows significant wear take it to a gunsmith to determine safety before firing, other wise it should be fine for lead shot.

No serial number records exist, but the company was in business from 1908-1915.

You will have to provide specifics to even have a slim chance of getting an answer. Who made the barrel? What weapon is it on? Where is the number on the barrel?

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It's a shotgun, not a rifle. EASTERN ARMS CO was a tradename used by various hardware catalog stores before World War I. The guns were made by several different manufacturers and no serial number records exist. Unfortunately this was well before Al Gore invented the internet.

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