What is info on an Eastern Arms Company single barrel 12 guage that shows no serial number and only other info says Proof Tested 12 gauge?

Eastern arms was a small in home outfit that built firearms for individuals somewhere in Europe. They manufactured very few firearms, and they where mostly handcrafted. Each gun was an original. Although I have never heard of them creating a 12 guage its not impossible, most of the firearms they built were larger,10,8,6,4, and alot of speculation that they may have built a 2 guage. There was only two gentlemen that built these firearms, and I am not sure of there names. I you out a little.

I'd like some of whatever the person giving the last answer is smoking. Eastern Arms Company is a trade name that was used by Sears Roebuck c. 1900-1940. The actual manufacturer could have been Meriden Firearms, J. Stevens, Savage Arms or whoever offered the lowest price in a particular year.

I also have this shotgun and have been all over the internet trying to locate parts. I desperately need a fore end stock. I found a number on the receiver where the fore end normally covers. # 263, and 1/4" below that is a "B". I'd realy appreciate some help locating parts if they are available.