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I'm not sure about the Caribbean Room. I have been trying to track down information on the Hyde Park Hotel "east of Chicago, near the lake" where my Great Aunt, Elizabeth Gates Meagher lived for the last 20 years of her life. Her husband, Arthur Meagher actually built this hotel. Does the hotel exist today, and if so, what is it called? ?
The Hyde Park Hotel which stood on the southeast corner of Hyde Park Blvd. and Harper Ave. was demolished in the early 1960s. Shortly after, the A&P Super Market which was located on Hyde Park Blvd., a few doors west of Harper, moved into the location. In the late '60s, a mall opened on the spot. The mall today houses a Burger King, Village Foods (a supermarket), The Original Pancake House, KFC, a mortgage company, amd on the lower level, The Looking Glass, a beauty salon.
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Q: What is info on the Caribbean Room in the Hyde Park Hotel?
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