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Chez Paree, 610 N. Fairbanks, Chicago 1932-1969 Chicago Downtown Nightclub. Showgirls, swing bands, drew big stars. Popular w/ "underworld bigshots." Joey Jacobson & Mike Frtzel were the owners. Jacobson made gambling payoffs to John "Botchy" Connors. On opening night, Jake Factor was taken for $40,000 in a rigged card game. (Jake Factor was millionaire con man who stagged his own kidnapping to avoid extradition to England. He was responsible for sending an innocent Roger Touhy to prison for life.
  • According to the book "Kup's Chicago" by Irv Kupcinet - published in 1962 - the Chez Paree closed in 1960 and its last owners were "Dave Halper (who is now with the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas) and Donjo Medlevine (who is now an oil executive)".
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Q: What is info on the Chez Paree night club?
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