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GunParts catalog lists that particular model as being produced by High Standard, but the exact model is unknown, but I suspect it may be a High Standard Supermatic deluxe (if it is an automatic) or a flight King model (if it is a pump). High Standard yes, but specifically a J.C. Higgins Model 10 ...

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Q: What is info on the model 583-1 Sears-Roebuck?
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Where can you find a stock for a jchiggins 12 ga model 5831?

Try gunpartscorp website. They have a cross reference to find the make and model of your Sears shotgun.

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Boyds stock repair

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When was this model manufactured12 gauge-model 5831 by JC Higgins-Sears?

I have one which is in very good shape. I have never shot the thing as it belonged to my grandfathers cousin and was handed down to me. there was a recall on some of the models but it does not seem that this model was affected. Late 1945 through perhaps 1948.

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Is there a recall on model 5831?

Yes. The serpentine belt tensioner can loosen, allowing the belt to fly off the alternator pulley and catch on the trigger, firing all six chambers. Send it in at once.

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