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I am not sure what the question is. Error codes mean there is something not within specs for the engine to run properly. Oxygen sensor is reading too lean or too rich, tps reading too high or too low, etc. You can usually find the meaning of these codes in a repair manual for the model and year of the car. These manuals can be found in a public libary, bought at a auto parts store or a book store.

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Q: What is information on 5.0 liter 1991 Chevy Caprice engine codes?
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Where are the engine diagnostic codes located on a 1994 caprice?

In the computer. If check engine light is on you can get them by plugging a reader into port under dash,.

What are the check engine light codes for a 1998 Chevy?

There are dozens of codes. Be specific as to what code you are getting.

How do you get trans codes on a 93 Chevy 2500?

That requires an OBDII engine scanner to read the transmission codes.

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The OBD2 system will not BLINK codes for you. It requires a engine scanner to read the codes. HAVE ENGINE SCANED. Some parts stores will do that for free.

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To tell you to read the diagnostic codes.

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The engine codes for gasoline engines in the 1985 Chevy Celebrity: 2.5L 4 cylinder engine code R 2.8L V6 mpfi code w 2.8L V6 carburettor code x

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Don't know what the letters stand for, but I found that suffix here: It shows on the chart what that engine was originally used for.

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yes, and what codes are you asking about "check engine" or anti lock radio codes?

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Have vehicle scanned to determine problem and have codes cleared

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There are way to many to give a total list. Please specify as to which ones you are interested.

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