What is information on Hitler's nephew William Patrick Hitler who served in the US Navy and lived out his life in Long Island?

In 1939 William Patrick Hitler was invited to America with his mom to do a speaking tour at the invite of William Randolf Hearst on an article he wrote "Why I Hate My Uncle". When war broke out, they were stuck here. He joined the Navy in'44 and was discharged in '47. He moved to NY and changed his last name to Stewart Chamberlin (a well known British anti-Semite). His Medical Corps training enabeld him to prosper by analysing blood samples for hospitals. He was born 1911 and died in 1987. Although he claims to have hated his "Uncle Adolf", his older son's middle name was in fact - Adolf. He had 4 sons total with one (Howard) killed in a 1989 car accident. The three surviving great nephews of "Uncle Adolf" (Alexander Adolf, Louis and Brian) have vowed not to have children, meaning that the Hitler family line will die with them.