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I own a Greenough dimascase forged barrel shotgun. I'm not familar with the stampted lam.

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Q: What is information on N C Greenough hammer double barrels stamped laminated steel?
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Where can you find information about a chrome Belgian 12 gauge laminated steel double barrel with Richard stamped by the hammers?

Your gun was made between 1880 and 1914, probably by Henri Pieper. If the name is actually Rickard (with a K instead of an H), it was probably retailed by J A Rickard Co of Schenectady, NY. Chrome and laminated barrels don't belong on the same gun. Except for a few custom-made shotguns, laminated barrels were not produced after the 1920s and chrome was not used until the 1940s. The plating was added after manufacture. I must have been short of sleep when I posted that. The finish is probably a nickel plating which would be appropriate for a firearm of this age.

What does Laminated Steel stamped on a shotgun barrel mean?

This was the method of making shotgun barrels in the 19th century. Strips of metal or wire were wound around a mandrell and hammer-welded. "Twist", "Stubb Twist" and "Damascus" are all types of laminated barrels. Although they were safe enough when made, if a gun has not been properly cared for in the intervening 100 years, they may have developed sub-surface rust spots which could cause them to fail. And modern shells are much more powerful than the black powder ammunition that was available in the 1890's, so a gun with laminated barrels should not be shot unless it has been checked by an experienced gunsmith, and then only with the loads appropriate for its construction.

Are the barrels stamped with the serial number on the Model 41 Smith and Wesson?


Is it safe to use modern shells in a 12 gauge Acme Arms Co side by side dual hammer shotgun stamped Belgium?

Absolutely NOT. These guns were made from c.1890-1914 and have either twist or laminated steel barrels. They were never designed for the pressures of today's ammunition.

If a Victor Shotgun has Genuine Armory Steel stamped on the barrel what does this mean?

Genuine Armory Steel was a mark used by Crescent Firearms, 1893-1930, and also by Meriden Fire Arms, 1905-1915. The phrase doesn't really mean anything except that the barrels are not laminated steel.

What is a 410 bayard arms double barrel exposed hammers stamped laminated steel belguim worth?

100 USD or so.

What is information on a E D Parker shotgun from London Laminated Steel?

This name doesn't appear on any of the usual lists of manufacturers or trade-names. London Laminated Steel does not necessarily mean it was made in London. It probably dates from about 1890-1915 and during this time it was common for individual retailers to order shotguns with their own store's name stamped on them.

What does the X mean stamped on the bottom of the barrels on a Remington 1900?

Could be an inspector's mark, assembly mark, etc..

If you have a gun with switch-able barrels do the barrels count as a gun?

The identity of a firearm is carried with action or receiver, the assembly containing the fire control assemblies, the part that is stamped with the primary serial number. Barrels are not controlled parts as they serve no purpose without a receiver.

What is the year of manufacture for Remington model 12 serial number 720042?

1936 or so. It was made in 1928, they started marking the barrels in 1921. See related links for the information and table look-up, it's stamped look close ;)

When did s and w quit stamping barrels with name or model number?

Model numbers are stamped on the frame under the yoke since @ 1955.

Do you have any information on WN More and Co?

Recently purchased 10 gauge side x side black power shotgun. Has double external hammers and double triggers. Stamped on top between barrels in front of hammers is WN More + Co. Superior Quality. Any information would be helpfull. Thanks