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Dennis, You have quite an historical artifact there. In 1913 the surviving veterans of the two armies held a joint reunion at Gettysburgh. They put on demonstrations of camp life and old drills for the public. Lots of speeches were made emphasizing reconciliation. Then they held a reenactment of Picket's Charge. The Northerners got into the old positions atop Cemetary Hill and the Southernors got Into the Woods at its base. Then the rebels came out and started up giving a good rbel yell as they came. Watching them come up, a moan arose from the Union lines. The old veterans just couldn't watch it again. They stood stood up and came down, meeting the Confederates half way and everybody tearfully embraced. *PLEASE* email me about this. I would love to learn more about these items. Michael Montagne

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Q: What is information on a 1913 50th reunion pennant from Gettysburg?
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