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John - I can't find this brand name in any listing. I suspect it was probably marked for a retailer who wanted to offer his "private label." From about 1890 to 1915 there were millions of inexpensive (usually Belgian-made) double barrel shotguns sold in the US under hundreds of trade names. If you will post all the markings and tell where each is found on the gun, we may be able to verify or disprove this, but most likely it is one of these and the value would be about $125-$150 to someone who wants a mantle decoration. The "Aristocrat" was made under contract by Stevens for the Supple-Biddle Hardware Company in Philadelphia, PA. The hardware company went out of business in the early 1920's. If the action is tight and the barrels ring true, then it may be shootable with standard 12ga loads - mine is.

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Q: What is information on the Aristocrat double barrel shotgun?
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