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The information superhighway is another term used for describing the internet. This is a means of transferring data, music, video, and information through a series of networks.

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What is difference between information superhighway and internet?

"Information Superhighway" is a nick name for the Internet.

What is the origin of the information superhighway?


Who coined the phrase information superhighway?


What has the author Reid Goldsborough written?

Reid Goldsborough has written: 'Stra ight talk about the information superhighway' -- subject(s): Information superhighway

Who coined the term information superhighway?

keyboard cat

What has the author Randall L Carlson written?

Randall L. Carlson has written: 'The information superhighway' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Information superhighway, Economic aspects of Interactive multimedia, Economic aspects of Telecommunication, Information superhighway, Interactive multimedia, Strategic alliances (Business), Telecommunication

How do you join the 'information superhighway'?

um....I think you just did.

What is the information superhighway?

Any mechanism that permits the high speed transfer of data from one computer system or network to another, like the Internet, cable, broadband, etc. The World Wide Web is the ultimate information superhighway. The term is associated with Al Gore who introduced the term in 1978. See related links for more information (via the information superhighway!)

How does the information superhighway affects the economy?

I don't think it will affect it but improve it.

What first transformed the Internet into an information superhighway?

the World Wide Web

Why is the world wide web called information superhighway?

Because you can transfer information on it very fast. For example this answer will reach you at the speed of light!

What is a sentence for superhighway?

NAFTA is a superhighway.

What has the author Henry H Perritt written?

Henry H. Perritt has written: 'Law and the information superhighway' -- subject(s): Data transmission systems, Datatransmission systems, Information superhighway, Law and legislation, Telecommunication

Which countries are connected to information superhighway?

For any countries related information, refer to the following site:

What has the author Frederick B Cohen written?

Frederick B. Cohen has written: 'A collection of short papers on information protection' 'Protection and security on the information superhighway' -- subject(s): Security measures, Information superhighway, Computer networks, Computer security, Data protection

How do you use superhighway in a sentence?

The superhighway is jam-packed tight today. The superhighway is more like a parking lot right now.

What has the author L Jankovic written?

L. Jankovic has written: 'Business Overview of the Information Superhighway'

Which vice president coined the phrase information superhighway?

I can't say that he coined the phrase, but I believe the former Vice President had become President already and his name is George Herbert Walker Bush, America's 41st President. During his presidency, he spoke about the Information Superhighway.

Why is the internet referred to as the information superhighway or cyerpace?

information superhighway = you can access almost any kind of information in a matter of moments through a network of wires cyberspace = the internet is basically it's own little world, but it's not tangible. Cyber's definition: of, relating to, or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality. So there you have cyberspace.

Who said communication is a revolution due to information superhighway?

This is told by Gates. Thanks, Vidhya Rajan R

Why is the web called the Information Superhighway?

The web is called 'The Information Superhighway' because you can find basically any piece of information you want at your fingertips, this saves you going into library's and reading through books until you find the information you want.This is not the exact answer but this is my theory behind it, i also think that the proper answer will be detailed and correct but this is the short simple version which is easy to understand.

A common term that describes the combination of traditional computer and communication technologies is?

a. management of information systems b. information technology c. information superhighway d. computer competency

What has the author Kirsti Nilsen written?

Kirsti Nilsen has written: 'The Canadian information policy bibliography' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Government policy, Information policy, Information services, Information superhighway, Information technology

What has the author Giampiero Giacomello written?

Giampiero Giacomello has written: 'National governments and control of the Internet' -- subject(s): Access control, Cross-cultural studies, Government policy, Information superhighway, Internet, Internet industry, Social aspects of Information superhighway, Social aspects of Internet, Telecommunication policy

What is German's superhighway?


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