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Information technology is the study of technology that handles information. It is also a department within a business that handles technology.


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Information technology is the use of computers and telecommunications to store, send, and retrieve information.

The major changes brought about by development in information technology include faster exchanges of information, more freedom of information, and less barriers between people of different nations.

Failure of safety critical systems can be catastrophic. like a fire alarm system in a building.

Technology is another way to say innovation.

Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.In easy language:The study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.

Zippy Techonology Corp. (Taiwan)

The correct spelling is "technology" (scientific devices and inventions).

New machinery such a computers, printers and such like.

Depends on the kind of work you are in. Usually the techonology people use to store information is a computer, no matter if it is a PC, tablet, smartphone, notebook. You can use also a portable voice recorder, a digital camera, a spy camera, (they store information as the form of audio or images.)

nehru college of enginnering and techonology ,pampady,thrissur,keralanehru college of enginnering and techonology ,pampady,thrissur,keralais there any other college of aeronautical enginnering in India?

A WIFI headphone is a headphone that receives data via wireless techonology.

Techonology is about improving the life of people on this plannet.

We expect development from techonology and expect greed more! to bring innovation in life

Compass, sextant (or astrolabe), & timepieces.

if you mean getting your diploma, then I would suggest IT since it opens more doors within the business world. If you want to go into science, go for computer science.

techonology affects your life because you can see lebron own Kobe in the nba.

Information technology(IT) has had a huge impact on communication. Can you imagine where communication would be if we didnt have telephones, cellphones, pagers, etc ? IT has also given us ways to make our communications faster. Anything that is actually related to communications or the way communications has improved in last 20+ years, is all due to IT.

It is techonology that makes people communicate without any physical wire mobile,wifi..........

A bat using Carbon Nanotube Technology, which is a high tech proprietary techonology owned by Easton Sports, Inc.

they pay more money cause of the techonology and also workers loose their jobs and strikes can happen.

to become one it probably takes 15years or more because you still have to be updating your knowledge has the techonology becomes more advanced.

btech full form is bachelor in techonology............. bsc is bachelor in sciene.......... so it is clear that btech is an engineerig degree..........

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