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Well, injecting insulin is a daily regime for most people because they need it to keep their blood level down and leveled. Also because they need to keep their sugar level low. I know this because i'm 10 and my grandpa on my moms' side of the family has Diabetes and I remember when he injected insulin and I asked what it was and he said that he needed it to keep his blood level low and that it was insulin.

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Q: What is injecting insulin an essential part of the daily regime for most people with diabetes?
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Why injecting insulin an essential part of the daily regime for most people with diabetes?

It depends on which type of Diabetes one suffers from. Some can be controlled by diet or/and medicines. Some need the daily injections as the body is unable to produce its own insulin. Insulin controls your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

Why do people with diabetes have to test their blood sugar level before injecting themselves insulin?

Once you test your blood sugar, you can figure how much insulin to give yourself. Because your blood sugar varies every time you check, that is why.

Why insulin is used?

Insulin is usually made in your body automatically; diabetes is when your body does not make enough insulin. So some people with diabetes have to take insulin to control their blood sugar.

What type of people uses insulin?

People with sugar diabetes.

Is type 2 diabetes known as insulin-dependent diabetes?

No. Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin-dependent or juvenile onset diabetes. The causes of type 2 diabetes can either be a lack of insulin sensitivity or insulin production problem. Some people with type 2 diabetes take insulin, but it is not known as insulin-dependent diabetes.

What is the different between diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2?

People with Type 1 Diabetes have an extremely limited amount of insulin which could lead to severe problems when insulin is not medicated to the recipient. People with Type 2 diabetes all have pancreas that produce less insulin

What people are at risk for diabetes?

people that are really sick and people that are insulin dependent people that are really sick and people that are insulin dependent

What is the difference between Insulin and Diabetics?

"Diabetes" is what one has. Diabetic is how one is.

People with forms of the disease diabetes can be treated with injections of?


What hormone do people lack with diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is caused by an absolute or relative lack of insulin.

how do you get diabetes in your life?

Your body uses insulin properly convert and carry energy derived from food to the cells in your body. There are two types of diabetes. In people with type one diabetes, the body does not produce insulin and therefore need to have insulin injested via shots. In type two diabetes, your body is not using insulin properly or does not create enough insulin. Typically type two diabetes canb be controlled with medication or via controlling your diet.

Is the hormne people with diabetes lack in ther blood lipase?