What is innovation?

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A groundbreaking idea, product, or method;; Apex

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Essentially, Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. These can be ideas for products, services or processes. It includes both radical new ideas and incremental changes to existing ones. All businesses can, and should, innovate.

Innovation in business leads to higher and more sustainable profitability, the ability to stay ahead of your competition and provides higher value to customers. It offers a way of meeting challenges both inside and outside your business. It enables businesses to compete effectively in the increasingly competitive global environment.

Innovation is at the heart of increasing competitiveness and productivity.

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Q: What is innovation?
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Innovation in a sentence?

Innovation - Exploration and Innovation are the key words For science

What is the Greek word for innovation?


What is sanskrit word for innovation?


What is discontinuous innovation?

Discontinuous innovation is innovation that is divorced from prior common knowledge.

What does innovation' stand for?

Innovation does not stand for anything. However, the letters INNOV is the abbreviation for innovation. An innovation is something original, new, and creative.

What is an example of innovation?

Innovation is creating something that didn't exist before you created it. The iPad is an example of innovation for Apple. For other examples of innovation see

Is the telephone an innovation?

No. The telephone is not an innovation it is an invention.

What is the zulu translation of the word innovation?


What company has innovation slogan?

NEC Corporation - Empowered by InnovationGigaLane - Innovation and Excellence in RF & MicrowaveDatel (C&D Tech) - Innovation and Excellence3M - InnovationPlantronics - Sound InnovationSilicon Graphics - The Source of Innovation and DiscoveryPoclain Hydraulics - Driving InnovationPak Innovation - Innovation beyond thinkingMSI - Innovation with Style

How do you use innovation in a sentence?

This innovation will rock the industry!

What is the motto of Microsoft Innovation Center?

The motto of Microsoft Innovation Center is 'Foster local software economy & innovation'.

What is a sentence with innovation?

innovation for the future is the best way to go

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