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An insurance carrier is the company that holds and supports the policy that you purchase from them. It is the company that issues and upholds the risk associated with an insurance policy. There are many insurance carriers with wide rages of polices and coverages.

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Q: What is insurance carrier?
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An insurance carrier whether a private carrier or a government program is referred to as a?

What is the question? An insurance carrier is an "insurance carrier." Some government programs may not use the term "carrier" but the effect is the same if you are covered and have a loss.

An insurance carrier whether a private or a government program is referred to as a what?

An insurance carrier, whether a private carrier or a government program, is referred to as

Is your insurance agent supposed to do any of the work such as calling insurance carrier for the other party?

Assuming that you are talking about in the case of an accident, you should only talk to your insurance carrier. They will contact the other person's insurance carrier.

Can you locate a person's automobile insurance carrier?

can you help me find a person's automobile insurance carrier?

Is insurance carrier same as insurance company?


If your car insurance carrier paid your medical bills after an accident and the at fault insurance company paid you can your insurance carrier come after you for the money?

yes and they usually do.

What is the relationship between the insurance agent and the insurance carrier?

the agent is under the authority of the principal, or insurance carrier, and has the ability to make decisions as a representative of the carrier. Therefore, the principal can be held legally liable for the agent's business

Can you be covered by delta dental and aetna dental at the same time?

Yes, you can be covered by multiple dental policies. There will be one insurance carrier as your primary insurance and the second insurance carrier will be your secondary insurance.

Is Geico Insurance Company an admitted Florida insurance carrier?


Is your insurance carrier A rated?


How do you get appointed by an insurance carrier?

One of the fastest ways to get appointed by an insurance carrier is to contact their licensing and contracting department and request a producer application.

What is it called when one insurance company is repaid by another insurance company?

Subrogation, It's basically when an insured's insurance carrier pays for the damage done to their vehicle, even though it was the other parties fault. The insured's carrier will then go after the other parties carrier for reimbursement.

Where can a form for GAP Health insurance be filled out?

One has to request the GAP health insurance form from their insurance carrier. some insurance carriers have these forms online, and they can be filled out that way. Other insurance carriers will mail them to the customer or they can pick them up and fill them out in the office of the carrier.

What is another word for insurance carrier?


Can your dad's car insurance cover your motorcycle?

No, not that I have ever heard of. You need motorcycle insurance. Contact your insurance carrier.

What are the uses of an Insurance Denial Attorney?

An insurance denial attorney will fight for you, should your claim be denied by your insurance carrier.

Is eye surgery covered usually under major medical insurance or vision insurance or does it depend on your insurance carrier?

Eye surgery is covered usually under major medical insurance if it is work related. It also depends on your insurance carrier in terms of the costs and doctors you can choose from.

How would one register a cargo carrier?

One would have to register a cargo carrier by purchasing insurance on your car which protects you if any accidents happen due to the cargo carrier and you would also need cargo insurance.

What do you need to sell insurance in New York?

You need an Insurance License and and Appointment with an Insurance Carrier doing business in New York You need a New York Insurance License obtainable from the New York Department of Insurance. You will also need an Appointment with an Insurance Carrier doing business in New York

Is commerce insurance a workers compensation carrier?

Commerce insurance SUCKS and you suck...NOOB

Do you have to have Medicare insurance?

By law, no, but Medicaid and/or your private insurance carrier might insist that you do so.

What do you do if insurance payment is denied because service not pre-approved?

This will depend on your insurance carrier and your provider. I would suggest calling your insurance carrier to ask for help. In general, if your provider is out of network, you will need to appeal the denial with the insurance carrier and provide details about why you didn't call to do the pre-approval. If your provider is in network, they usually cannot bill you if they fail to do a pre-approval. (check with your insurance carrier to verify this) In that case I would contact the provider and tell them they can't bill you for it. If they insist they can, contact your insurance carrier and ask them to send a letter to the provider stating they cannot bill you for the service due to their failure to pre-approve it.

Who is the health insurance carrier for American Airlines?


What happens if doctors dont send bill to insurance in time allowed?

If the provider exceeds timely filing limits with the insurance carrier the provider cannot bill the patient. The provider must have a participating contract with the insurance carrier also.

How long does an insurance carrier have to pay a claim?

1 year