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it is designing furiture, and all those stuff...
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What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers make interior designing of space which isfunctional, safe, and beautiful. The aim of interior designers isto create aesthetic rooms and spaces according to the needs of theclient. You can have the different range of interior designing fromsimple indoor and outdoor to lavish mansio ( Full Answer )

What percentage of an interior design budget goes to the Interior Designer?

Most of the design firms in India that use DesignBids charge INR 40to 400 per sqft., But it totally depends on the project andrequirements. Residential projects, like your standard 2BHK or3BHK, are on the cheaper side, and budget-conscious design firmsusually charge around 50 rupees per sqft carpet ( Full Answer )

What does an interior designer earn?

Varies. Typically, interior designers can charge about $100-200 hour. But if they work for a company they don't see all that in their paycheck.

Who are some famous interior designers?

There are many famous interior designers. Many designers are now famous from television shows, including Jeff Lewis, Candice Olson, and Kathy Ireland. Some famous early interior designers include Elsie de Wolf and Dorothy Draper.

What is are interior designer?

Interior Designer offer the space which you want to live. Some ofthe working of interior designers are: . They respond to design opportunities . They collect information from different source. . They can see into the future. . They offer you with customize interior that suites yourfamily.

What is interior design?

Hello dear, Interior design, also known as interior decorating, is the art ofselecting and positioning furniture, home appliances, decorations,and all other aspects of a room such as a wall paint or wallpaper,carpets, etc., in order to create a satisfying and useful room. For good resources for in ( Full Answer )

Who is the famous interior designer?

Although, I live in Singapore and I have Idea of that place. 2-3months before, I hired interior designers from Vegas InteriorDesign Pte Ltd to change the map of my house. They take ofreputation like service, quality, responsibility and creativity. Ifyou belong from the same place, I will suggest y ( Full Answer )

What is interior designing and interior decoration?

It is when you design an inside of a house. Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

What is the significance of anthropometry to interior design?

Anthropometrics are tools for interior designers to aid working out how high or how far an average male or female may reach in relative comfort. These are factors that need to be considered when designing joinery or cabinetry, furniture, planning circulation spaces, work spaces, accessible spaces an ( Full Answer )

What an interior design do?

Interior design is a work that deals with decors your room, home oroffices. How to make them look like what client wants by puttingmatching décors and arrange it to look like what client requested.All this work was done without changing the room size. A few months ago, one of my friends has take ( Full Answer )

Who are some interior design icons?

The older designers referred to themselves as "decorators". These included Edith Wharton, author of "The Decoration of Houses", Elsie de Wolf, Eleanor McMillan Brown, the owner and designer of famed McMillen and Company. Mrs. Henry "Sister" Parish II was the first Designer to popularize the Country ( Full Answer )

How is math used in interior design?

Ok..... You use measurement in measuring furiniture. You use area and perimeter for getting the measurement of the room and the measurement of the tile or carpet. that is all man i hope u understand it! also it uses ratios if you are making scale models but smaller you take the height and th ( Full Answer )

What is the job description of an interior designer?

Interior designers draw upon many disciplines to enhance the function, safety, and aesthetics of interior spaces. Their main concerns are with how different colors, textures, furniture, lighting, and space work together to meet the needs of a building's occupants. Designers plan interior spaces of a ( Full Answer )

Why is math important to interior designing?

Practically everything around us has to do with math. Especially interior design! You would need to know what goes where and how far it goes..MATH!! You would probably need to know measurements and defiinitly Geometry and possibly some algebra for missing information (x and y crap). That's all I rea ( Full Answer )

What are the captions for interior designers?

Dear Sir, I'm planning to have a very good captions for setting up our Food Courts and Supply of interior design wall papers, mats, ceilings, blinds...etc for the below mentioned prefixed name Aarkay's Food Net Aarkay's Home Art Kindly let us know which kind of attractive captions can ( Full Answer )

What Does an Interior Design Do?

Interior Designers are responsible for designing the interiors of all spaces, from homes, hotels, offices, theaters, restaurants, and hospitals to work with amusement parks, conceptual 3D design and branding. Their focus is on the people using the space and how the space affects them. Good Interior ( Full Answer )

What jobs are related to interior design to interior designer?

Interior design has many different jobs that branch off from it. These jobs could be anything from designing the interior of a home to designing the interior of a car or airplane. Almost all department stores use an Interior Designer to help set up the look and layout of the store. Not only can Inte ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Modern Design for Interior design?

If you are looking for modern interior designing of your home oroffice, you must try following steps. . Add lighting to your casual interior design . Add different colors to your space . Add great accents . Choose most suitable furniture . Give your windows some personality

When your an interior designer what will you do?

when you are a interior designer there are many things that you do . you can work for magazines fixing peoples problems . you can do displays fir companys and magzines . you can own a interior design buissnes (best paying of them all) . you can work for a business interior designing rooms . y ( Full Answer )

About interior design?

Interior designers design and supervise the construction or redevelopment of building interiors. Interior designers may perform the following tasks: . talk to clients and architects to work out client needs and intentions, and to make sure that safety requirements are met . develop designs that ar ( Full Answer )

What is design and interior design?

Design is the creation of a plan for the construction of an objector a system. Design has many disciplines, such as interior designis "the art or process of designing the interior decoration of aroom or building" Visual Artistic: Top notch website design company based inSingapore.

What are the monthly hours for an interior designer?

The 'standard' hours for an interior designer are approximately 40 hours a week but don't be fooled. When you are working on a project you can end up working up to 14 hours a day! Don't go into Interior Design unless you are totally committed. You won't get rich quick and it is hard work. Hope that ( Full Answer )

What are Styles and trends in Interior design?

Styles are the outer frame which holds the door panels together along with the top rail, the lock rail, the bottom rail and any other intermediary rails. A step consists of a horizontal and vertical surface. treads are the horizontal surface of a step.

Definition of Morphology in interior design?

The Morphology in interior design, in my opinion, is the organic style within sculpture and aesthetic form. These issues create an open space linked walls, floors, ceilings together in art forms. Totally, the concept in this interior space is living spaces in art.

What is interior design about?

A magnificent universe of wondrous beauty and fabulous bountyawaits you at the resplendent premises of Lakhotia. If you loveaesthetics,appreciate art and revel in luxury then the vast worldof Interior Design is yours to explore. Harness that instinct ofarrangement that so very tells upon the way you ( Full Answer )

Is it fun working as an interior designer?

Yes it is fun working as an interior designer. You do stuff and express your feelings on what you wanna do. I think its a job you would enjoy.Matter fact anybody

Does an interior designer have to go to college?

The longer and more complete and more complete answer is yes andno, depending on where one lives. The short answer is no, a collegedegree is not "required" to practice in the field in some way andat some level. College study obviously provides advantages. Beyond learning basicprinciples and element ( Full Answer )

Where you can get best interior designers in Hyderabad?

Best Interior are numerous in hyderabad, However everyone of us has different requirement in terms of design , time, and budget. I could find one designer guy....who could all that I need in standard time for both my flats on My Home. He is one cool guy, he was into corporate, but now doing good in ( Full Answer )

What is scale in interior design?

1/4"=1'0" Scale is what is typically used, sometime 1/2" scale if you are needing to show more detail, usually in elevations or sections.

What is the design process in interior design?

The work of the interior designer is to create a functional spacearea according to the needs of the customer whereas the interiordecorations are the furnishing or adorning of space with attractiveaccessories and beautiful things. In short interior, decoration canbe done easily whereas interior desig ( Full Answer )

What are the internship requirements for an interior designer?

The Dream Careers internship program provides college students with guaranteed internship placement in premier interior design internships. You control the entire placement process, as you work with a Dream Careers Internship Coordinator as they assist in revising your resume, before scheduling int ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of interior design?

Initially to make the best sue of the space available. Mainly for the intended use. Then the aesthetic appearance needs thought and planning to create the most ambient feelings for the user of the area.

What kinds of things does an interior designer do?

Interior designers work with clients to remodel or redesign indoor spaces to make them either more attractive and/or more functional. Interior designers believe that the space should be used efficiently and beautifully.

Is Interior Designer and Furniture Designer the same?

The Interior Designer and Furniture Designer may share an artistic eye, but their point of view and goals are not the same. The Interior Designer sees a space, a room which has a function such as a living room or a family room or an office. He has a style in mind which relates to the colors and kind ( Full Answer )

What is offered in interior design services?

An interior design service offers a variety of options for one wanting to make changes or redesign the interior of ones home. Styles from traditional to contemporary are offered as well as the use of different fabrics, colours, wallpapers, furniture and accessories in order to make ones home more a ( Full Answer )

What does commercial interior design consist of?

Commercial interior design involves designing the interior of commercial businesses such as malls, showrooms, and department stores. It can also include the design of hospitals, hotels, and government offices.

What is better fashion designing or interior designing?

well um i think they are both types of fashion so i think both butif i had to pick one answer it would be fashion designing because iam in to fashion makeup and all that jazz but not too much

What are some interior design magazines?

There are a few interior design magazines out in print. There is Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Veranda, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Dwell, and Town & Country.

What is the goal of interior designer?

As aninterior designer my goal is to improve quality of life, increaseproductivity, and protecting the health safety and welfare of thepublic. The interior design process follows a systematic andcoordinated methodology

Who started interior design?

There is a lot of archaeological evidence such as Pompeii,Herculaneum and the mosaics found in the remains of villas all overEurope and North Africa that it was the Romans. They went to greatlengths in both time and money to decorate the interiors of theirhouses.