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What is involved in a chemical reaction?

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Chemical Reaction

A chemical reaction is composed of REACTANTS and PRODUCTS. The starting compounds and/or elements in the reaction are known as reactants. Once they are combined, the resulting elements/compounds are called the products.


Reactant ---> Product


Reactant 1 + Reactant 2 ---> Product 1 + Product 2


Magnesium Chloride + Lithium Floride ----> Lithium Choride + Magnesium Fluoride

MgCl2 + LiF = LiCl + MgF2

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No. The valence electrons are involved in chemical reaction.

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Synthesis is the chemical reaction that is involved in the preparation of the Thiazin from Chalcone.

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Protons are not involved in chemical reactions.

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The valence electrons (electrons present in the outer most shell) are involved in a chemical reaction.

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