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There are two heavy steel straps that support the tank. I *think* (it's been a few years since I did one) that you may have to drop the exhaust a bit to let the tank clear. The straps have one big bolt each, once those are out the tank will come down (and you'll get a face full of dirt and crap falling off the top of the tank, if you're under it). There are flexible, clamped fuel lines (pressure, return and vent, if I remember right) plus the wiring for the pump; all this has to be disconnected once the tank is lowered but before you pull the tank completely out. If you're replacing the fuel sender or pump (the only reason to pull a tank 99% of the time), CLEAN off the top of the pump assembly (or all the dirt will fall into the tank when you remove the pump) and rotate the circular retaining ring by ALTERNATELY tapping the tabs on opposing sides of it with a screwdriver and hammer until it releases the plate that has all the feed lines and wires going into it. That's actually the top of the pump/sender assembly. Remove the assembly carefully. Don't forget to inspect and/or replace the big rubber O-ring underneath when you put it back together. Getting the tank re-aligned and up into place can be a pain, especially when there's just one of you lifting, positioning and balancing the tank and trying to start the strap bolts all at the same time - be patient. Good luck!!

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Q: What is involved in changing a gas tank on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?
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