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Well a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina. And he comes inside of it, that white fluid contains semen. Semen gets a woman pregnate.

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Conjugation is a primitive form of sexual reproduction since two parent cells are involved.

Sexual reprodution is when you have to have 2 organisms to reproduce and asexual reprodution is when an organism can reproducewith its self.

sexual reproduction is the biological process by which new individual organisms are produced.

Yes. From one parent it is called asexually reprodution and by 2 parents it is sexual reprodution.

asexuall reprodution is observed and hydra reproduce by budding..

sexual and asexual reproduction. sexual where it takes to organisms to reproduce and asexual where an individual organism can reproduce without a second party

asexual reproduction means they dont have sex to make babies.

There are 2 types of reprodution , those are sexual and asexual reproduction . Sexual reprodution invloves both a male and a female . but asexual reproduction involves just the female ( a good example of this is a plant , some plants do not need others to reproduce ) ! Hope that helps :)

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The genetic consequence of asexual reprodution is that there is genetc variation between the offsprings and their parents.

Sexual reproduction is the result of the fusing of two gametes into a zygote. The gametes are a somewhat random selection of two individual's DNA. The combination of two different selections of DNA results in a unique individual, so to speak.

No, spores are produced when conditions are favourable for the growth of the fungus. Sexual reproduction usually occurs if the organism senses that its spores will not have a substrate to grow on.

Sexual reproduction. Male gamete meets female gamete of the snow leopards producing offspring

2 are involved in sexual reproduction, 1 is involved in asexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction is the creating of new organisms through their reproductive organs, if they have them. You should ask your mum, pop, or any trusted adult..

they form during harsh environmental conditions. how is endospore form of reprodution? there is not reprodution ?

No it is not. Meiosis is involved in sexual reproduction

This statement is true. Reproduction in asexual organisms result in an exact copy of the parent organism. Sexual reproduction will have traits from both parent organisms.

add the number of women who died in her reprodution period in net reprodution rate.

No, they are sex cells involved in sexual reproduction.

it's a type of reprodution

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