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What is involved with changing from tailgate to barn doors on 1988 suburban?

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Cutting the back off from a "barn door" donor and welding it onto the "tailgate" recipient.

2006-09-11 19:56:27
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Are there conversion kits from the tailgate version to the barn door version on a 1990 Chevy silverado 1500 series suburban?

Not to my knowledge there is not. I have a 90' suburban with the barn doors. The hinge mounts are a part of the actual body. I do not believe the mounts are manufactured into the body of a suburban with a tailgate.

Your tailgate will not unlock on your Volvo v70?

the tailgate unlocks with the rear doors. Are your rear doors unlocking properly ? is your car battery weak ??

What was the last year for a tailgate on a Chevy Suburban?

I believe 1999; in 2000 they switched over to the "newer" body style where they offered the barn doors and lift gate style.

Rav4 tailgate rav4?

Rav4 1994-2000 have swinging doors nor a tailgate.

Does a 1990 Chevy Suburban 1500 have factory mounting points for barn doors and tailgate so that both can be easly installed swapped?

The door hinges must be welded on. Also the bottom of the door frame must be changed to support the lock (this may also require welding?). Look at a Suburban with barn doors and you will see what I mean.

How do replace a 95 Chevrolet suburban right tail light?

Open your tailgate or rear doors; whichever you have. Where the taillights are you will see two or three screws. remove those and pull the light out away from the truck.

How can you lock your 2008 Chevrolet avalanche tailgate?

My Avalanche tailgate locks when I lock the 4 doors with the remote or door lock

Why won't certain tail lights fit the suburban with barn doors?

When certain tail lights won't fit the Suburban with barn doors, it means they were not made for that vehicle or they are defective. The rear barn doors were discontinued on the Suburban in 2005.

Do 1997 suburban doors fit a 2000 suburban?

NO.... They changed the body style in late 1999.

Why does excursion door ajar light stay on?

Oil latches on doors and tailgate samething happened to me

What doors can interchange with your 93 Chevy Suburban?

1988 to 1999 will work. Pick-ups and surburbans are the same doors.

How can a car have five doors?

a tailgate on a stationwagon that swings open for climbing in (not just swins down for loading) a hatchback

How do you open the hatch door on a Subaru Outback?

If you have a newer model, with the remote unlock built in to the ignition key, press the button that looks like a trunk opening. This will open the tailgate but leave the other doors locked. Otherwise, press the Unlock button TWICE - this will unlock ALL doors, including the tailgate.

Can 1997 suburban doors fit on a 1993?

yes anything 1988- 1998 is interchangeable

Why doesn't my Dome Light come on when doors are opened in a 19 99 Suburban?

if th elights work from the dashboard, it is probably the switches in the doors, all 4 had rusted on my 1992 suburban, once I had replaced them the lights are working like normal

Why doesn't the Suburban heater doors open?

Check for cracked vaccum line. Small line from engone compartment side through the firewall to the heater doors. The heater doors are controlled by vaccum.

What was the last year there were barn doors on a Chevy Suburban?

The last year they made barn doors is on the 2007 models. It was an option to all previous year models.

1999 ford explorer power door lock switches in left and right front doors won't lock doors will unlock doors the tailgate switch will lock and unlock all doors?


Can you replace top door hinge with bottom hinge on 1992 ford explorer?

You can replace the top door hinge with bottom hinges on the 1992 as long as the hinge is for the cab doors. The hinges for the tailgate would not work on the doors.

Does a 1996 suburban have speakers near trunk?

Yes it does, above the rear doors in the ceiling. You can just flex the covers to get to them.

Will 6x9 fit in suburban doors?

some will but they have to be the right depth or the door panels won't go back on right.

What size speakers are in the dash of a 1995 Chevy Suburban?

4x6" in the dash. If you have the 6 speaker system, it's also 6.5" in the rear passenger doors, 4x10" above the back doors.

How to open barn doors of suburban?

To open the suburban barn door more fully, you need to release the limiting straps (they look like black metal straps that prevent over-travel of doors). To release them, as you are opening the door, push on them to release them from the door. Once released, the door will open fully. To engage the limiting straps, simply close the doors. They will snap back into place.

Can you fit led tail lights on Chevy Tahoe with barn doors?

Yes. I have a 2004 Suburban with barn doors and I put these LED tail lights on them.Just do a Google search for Anzo 311003

Why wont Escalade rear doors will not lock?

There are 2 relays in the drivers side fuse box panel. They are black rectangles and they pull straight out. The top one is for the front doors and the bottom one is for the rear doors and tailgate. You can get the relay at Advance Auto or Autozone for under $14.00 This will fix your problem. John