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What is ips exam?

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Upon a quick search its possible it could be an acronym for "Indian Police Service." and could be an exam on how one might join. Though if it's not correct then it is possibly an acronym for the department or field the exam is oriented in.

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What is qualification of ips exam qualified?

I AM 12TH student.what is qualification the IPS

What are the requrment to right ias exam?

what are the syallbes of ips intrance exam

How do i collect UGC net exam solved papers?

Previous question paper of ips exam

Did open university degree is eligible for ips exam?


What is minimum qualification for ips exam?

only graduation, in any discipline.

You read in 12th class with science subject can you do ips after 12th and which subject you take?

you can take any subject to be an IPS. the subject wont matter for this job. you can take take any subject you are interested in and write an IPS exam.

How much percentage is required for upsc ips entrance exam in graduation?

60% is required

What are the steps in the selection of an IAS officer?

every simple, we must prepare - preliminery exam then main exam - I and main exam -II, then personnel interview, that's all, refer this site, it gives full information about ias & ips-, jai hindi.

Is there any height limit for IAS exam?

No theres no height limit for ias but for ips its 165cm

Procedure to be an IPS officer?

write civil services exam and get good rank around 300-400

Can i appear ips exam in future i am studying distance course of bsc. degree?

Explain the different application of computer graphics?

Can i wrote the ips exam with one sitting distance education degree certificate?

y not. all Indian's have a right to serve their country.

Will it engineers have chance to become ips?

Every one has a chance of becoming IPS. Even the illiterate young farmer in a remote village can be an IPS. All its needs is determination and qualification. He can complete his education and then write the civil services exam to be an IPS. So it should be pretty easy for an engineer to join IPS. You are already a graduate and well versed in Internet and Technology which might come as a plus for you. One thing that will be required of you is to be healthy. You defintely cannot apply for a IPS position with half an eye, quarter of an ear and no legs. If you are seriously considering the IPS line then get yourself some excersice and read the requirments of the UPSC exams.

What is full form of ips in police?


When was Iyer IPS created?

Iyer IPS was created in 2005.

Hi Ive question about Indian UPSC IPS exam eligibility I born on 13th June 1983 and thinking to attend exam on June 2013 SO am I eligible in terms of age?

Yes, of course! Age eligibility is between 21-30.

What is the minimum height for an IPS officer?

the minimum height for an ips is 5.5

What are the qualities to become a IPS officers?

education to become an ips officer

How does an IPS differ from an IDS?

IPS is more intelligent than IDS.

What is the duration of Sethupathi IPS?

The duration of Sethupathi IPS is 2.45 hours.

What is the full form of ips in civil construction?

what is full from for ips in civil work

How can you open an IPS file?

use LIPS Lunar ips . its easily available app

First lady ips officer of India?

kiran bedi is the first ips officer

What is IPS capacitive touchscreen?

An IPS capacitive touchscreen is a type of technology that is used on LCD's.

What is IPS?

IPS: Internet Printing Systems is a a turn key solution for all your printing needs IPS has the best quality and they have an excellent turn around time. IPS also stands for introductory physical science and international phonetic spelling.