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Q: What is ironic about jahrling's comment about how dalgard shipped the sample?
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What is ironic about judge fords comment to Angela in the westing game?

i dont loke u

Is it ironic that the song Isn't it Ironic isn't actually ironic?

No (that was ironic).

The narrator's suggestion in A Modest Proposal that the children of the poor should be eaten is an device Swift uses to comment on callous attitudes toward the poor?


What was deeply ironic in Tom's comment about women?

Well Tom was not exactly committed to Daisy in a way the Gatsby was. He called Gatsby a "bootlegger" but he is the one having affairs with other women.

What is the irony of the doctor's comment about Jim?

The irony of the doctor's comment about Jim is that the doctor only wants the information from Huck to seek out Jim and Tom by himself with his canoe. It is ironic that he did not have Huck take him and instead took a big risk based on only Huck's description to find them himself.

What is ironic about the Euthanasia centers opened by Nazi?

its ironic

What was ironic in the book slaughterhouse five?

The tone was ironic

What is ironic about hollow men?

The Epigram is fairly ironic.

What part of speech is the word ironic?

Ironic is an adjective.

What is the tone in the story of the last leaf?


What is ironic about protor's comment that the witchcraft trials are a black mischief?

Black mischief is sneaky, so the trials were sneaky. The irony is that his affair with Abigail was sneaky and unfair. So, he shouldn't be criticizing the trials.

What does ironic means in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of IRONIC: pakutya

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