What is is different about Artemis and holly in Artemis Fowl?

Holly is a quick-witted and determined fairy who's job is to work for the LEP. Artemis is a boy prodigy who treats no one as his equal. [maybe a few people..] Let's see, what else? (note: has spoilers) * Holly can use a gun. * Artemis is brilliant with computer. * Holly is in her 80's (which is still young for a fairy) * Artemis is between 13-17 in the different books (or around that, because of time travel.) * Artemis is Male (eventually developing a romantic interest in Holly in book 6 the time paradox) * Holly is female * Artemis kidnapped Holly * Holly was kidnapped by artemis * Artemis is a fan of Billy Joel * Holly doesn't listen to music * Artemis has a huge butler looking out for him. * Holly has her commander (and a centaur) looking out for her * Artemis has parents * Holly's parents are dead * Artemis is pale. * Holly has dark skin. * Artemis ia a genius (with the highest IQ in Europe). * Holly is street smart. * Holly died once (in the lost colony, but was saved by Artemis a few seconds in the past) * Artemis goes to school (but does do other stuff.) * Holly has a job * Artemis is greedy in the first 3 books then becomes more giving * Holly will give all for her friends (even her friends that once kidnapped her, then held her for ransom, but let her go.) * Lastly: Artemis' name is in the title.