What is is the difference between calibre 270 win and 270 wsm and which is better?


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The .270 is a necked down 30-06. .270 WSM is a necked down .300 WSM. The 270 WSM is faster than the .270, and has a shorter case.


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.270 is the larger calibre of the two.

There is no diffrents. There is no diffrents.

In my opinion theyre fairly close to each other. Theyre both based on the 30-06 cartridge case. The 270 shoots lighter bullets at higher velocities but the 308 can shoot heavier bullets. I would base a choice depending on the application.

Main one is bore diameter. Another answer: 270=.277 diameter 30-06=.308 diameter

There are several rifles available in .270 calibre. How much one will be worth will be dependent on the manufacturer, model, special features, etc. There's no way of answering this question without knowing any of that.

Please include the model number to get the correct answer to your question. Model 70 calibre 270

.300 WM is larger in calibre, it has a longer case, and it generates more energy.

The .308 has a shorter cartridge case, and a fatter bullet. The .270 is based on the 30-06 case, about a quarter inch longer than the .308 case.

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assuming you are talking calibers and not models the difference between a .270 caliber and a .280 caliber rifle is .1 inches in combustion chamber diameter.both cartridges are based on the 30-06 goverment case.The .270 winchester is necked down and accepts a bullet of .277in.diameter.The 280 remington cartridge is also necked down from the 30-06 goverment case and fires a bullet diameter of .284in. The basic differencebetween both cartridges amounts to the bullet diameter difference of .007in.In other words both cartridges are essentially the same.

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