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French itself is not more "romantic" than any other language in the world. All depends on the image or stereotypes that you link with one language. It seems that in many countries the people link Frenchness with romanticism (image of old towns in France are advertised as "romantic" in most touristic medias). So, people tend to associate "french" with the concept of "romantism". Outside of this, there is the fact that french is part of the latin-based languages, also called "romance languages" (like Italian, Spanish or Portuguese), that is to say a language that comes from latin, the language of Rome. This has nothing to see with the concept of romanticism, but many people may confuse because the words "romance" and "romantic" sound similar.

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Q: What is it about french language that makes it seemingly more romantic than other languages?
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What is a romantic language?

Romantic languages are the languages that descend from the Latin language. There are many languages that are considered a romantic language; the three most popular is French, Italian, and Spanish.

What type of language are the french and Italian?

French and Italian are both Romance languages. (Not 'romantic' languages!)

Why are spanish french portuguese and italian reffered to as romantic languages?

The term "Romantic languages" refers to a language that is based off of Latin

Where does the term romantic languages come from?

From common knowledge Romantic Languages are normally considered to be derived from the Latin language of Rome from which many languages are derived from such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. the term "Romantic" derives from the Roman heritage hence the language being Romantic in nature, not as a concept of 'love'.

Is french the most romantic language?

Yes it is. Followed by other latin languages like Italian and Spanish.

How does language become memorable?

Different languages differentiate the different cultures. French is a nice calm and romantic language, and France is calm itself.

What type of languages are french and italian?

The are Romance languages (not to be confused with romantic languages).

What is the relationship between spanish and latin?

Spanish is one of the romantic languages, like Italian, French, or Romanian. They're from the Latin language family.

What is a love language test?

There are 5 romantic (love) languages, they are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, and Italian. There are tests online that people can take that match you with one of those 5 languages.

What is the connection to romance languages and romantic love?

There is no connection between the Romance languages and romantic love. "Romance" as applied to the languages means that they come from the Roman language, and the second is a strange meaning shift through French--"romantic" originally meant chivalrous and honorable like the old Romans, and then finally shifted along to its current meaning.

What is the most romantic language?

french or Italian

What countries speak french originally?

Most of France, and regions of eastern Spain were some of the first lands in which the "French" we know today was developed. These are the only two regions I know of, and to be fair, the french they spoke in the early days of "French" was just a different dialect of Latin. French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese came from the Latin language, which itself is a Romantic language. These languages were influenced by other, older languages, particularly semitic languages such as Arabic.