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Two objects having both the same size and shaped could be said to be 'congruent'.

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Having the same size and shape means that you look the same height and size.

Yes, it does. A congruent shape has the same shape and size as another shape. A shape that is similar is the same shape, just a different size, like a proportion.

If two geometrical figures have the same size and shape, they are said to be congruent.

Two figures with the same size and shape called congruent.

Figures that have the same shape but not size are similar. Figures that have the same size are congruent.

No, that's called a similar shape, it has to be both same shape and size, Your Welcome.

Same shape, same size is called, "Congruent" (konn-GREW-unt)

it is similar, easy as that. congruent is same shape same size ans similar is same shape different size similar=two figures that have the same shape, but not necessarily the same size

It can be called anything, depending on what it actually is.But it's described as 'congruent' to the first one.

a set of characters with the same design,size,and shape is called a

A figure that has both same size and shape is congruent.

it means having the same size and shape

Shapes that are the same except for their size are called "similar".

a parallelogram that has the same shape but not the same size called "similar". This means the angles are equal in both shapes but the sides are different.

Having the same size and shape; when line segmentss have the same length or when angles have the same measurement.

The word "congruent" means the same shape and same size.

Congruent Polygons are the same shape and size.

Similar means that the figures are the same shape yet not the same size. If the figures are the exact same size and shape, then they are congruent.

The word for this is "similar." The same shape and the same size is "congruent."

They are said to be similar providing that the angles remain the same

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