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The path that the moon follows around the Earth is called an orbit. The planets going around the sun is called revolution. The moon goes around the Earth in a month.

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Q: What is it called the path the moon follows around the earth?
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What is the path of the earth what the moon follows around called?


The movement of the moon around the earth is called a orbit and follows a path called an?


Why does the moon follows you?

because it rotates around earth.

Why is the moon called the satellite of the earth?

The moon is called a satellite of earth because it revolves around the earth

What object follows the same orbit as earth in its journey around the sun?

the moon

Why moon looks following us?

Because the moon and Revolves around the Earth. It's simple. If you focus on the moon, it "Follows you."

What is it called when the moon moves around the earth?

This is called its orbit. Strictly, the moon and the earth both orbit their common centre of mass. The path of the moon around Earth is elliptical orbit. It takes about 29 days to complete one orbit of earth by moon.

What keeps the moon ins orbit around earth?

That's the mutual force of gravitation (gravity) between the Earth and the Moon. This, combined with the Moon's velocity (its inertia), results in the orbital path that the Moon follows.

The moon revolves around the earth and it is called a natural what?

The Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth.

What is the path of the moon moving around the earth called?

The orbit of the moon.

Why is moon called a satellite?

The word come from the Latin for follower or underling. The moon follows the earth and is small enough to be considered an underling.

What the motion of moon around earth is called?

An Orbit.