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Eating paper is called "xylophagia" and is a form of pica.

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Why do people eat toilet paper?

People generally do not eat toilet paper. But if they do it is probably a strange addiction.

Can you eat deep fried paper plates?

People cannot eat paper.

What are the people called that make paper?

Paper makers.

What it is when people that eat people?

people that eat other people are called cannibals.

What is it called when people eat people?

It is called cannibalism.

How many people eat paper?

I would say everyone has tried eating paper before..

What are people called who eat people?

They're called cannibals if people eat other people. You're called a vampire if you drink other people's blood.

Can you eat paper?

Yes you can but if you eat too much, you might get sick cause paper has alot germs.I used too eat paper all of the time when I was a little kid and never got sick but if you tell anyone that you eat paper at an older age like 9 and up then people with start to think your weird. Rice paper is edible, however it is not advisable to eat regular paper.

What are people who eat people called?

Uhh they are called canibals

Can people eat other people-?

There are rare cases of people who eat other people. Such people are usually called the cannibals.

Why do people eat paper boats?

People have many eating disorders, called pica people eat rocks sand ice cubes baby powder because that have a habit that is not the proper nutrition and doctors call it the pica disease. eating paper boats may be one and it can go out to all outrageous ideas. just encourage them to stop as it is bad for their health and body

Are there people that eat people?

Yes. They are called cannibals.

What is the chocolate you eat and it makes a rattling noise?

.It is the paper that is rattling.the people that got finished with it they might were about to throw the paper away.

Is there a specific term for people who only eat paper?

a papervoreMalnourished or dead.

How many people eat toilet paper?

2, but only before 12!

Why do cockroaches eat paper?

they eat paper because they basicly eat anytning.but like the eat paper brcause they like it and they just are nasty bugs and they will eat almost anything.

What do people that suffer from hunger eat?

People that suffer from hunger eat anything they can get their hands on. They will eat anything from rats to paper to other humans. Never underestimate what someone would be willing to eat if starving.

What happens if you eat toilet paper?

It's like eating paper- it's not good for you, but you won't die. if you eat toilet paper it will do nothing to you but do not eat toilet paper.

Can people eat people?

People can eat other people if starving and had no other choice.Yes. It's called cannibalism

Do people eat deer?

Yes, lots of people eat dear. The meat is called venison.

Is there a term for people who don't eat mammals?

people who don't eat mammals are called vegetarians.

What are people called if you eat meat?

if fish is the ONLY meat one eats, one is referred to as a "Pescatarian". there's one answer. All sorts of meat, I'll leave for others to answer as I simply do not care. People that eat both meat and vegetables are called omnivores. people who eat only meat are called? people who only eat meat are called carnavores?

Can people eat other people?

yes, it is physically possible, but i don't advise it. The people that eat other people are called cannibals.

What happens if you eat paper?

When you eat paper and your taste goe all funny

Why do dogs eat paper?

Since dogs do not get the same kind of education that people do, they have no way to know whether paper is edible or not, except by giving it a try. But normally, a dog will not continue to eat paper, which doesn't really taste very good. There are certainly better things for dogs to eat.

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