What is it called when someone falls in love with the person who saves them?

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There are different terms used to describe a person who falls in love with the person that saves them. Florence Nightingale Syndrome or Knight in Shining Armor Syndrome is used to describe this phenomenon.
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Can you fall in love with someone you have just met if he visits you at your house and calls?

No.It may feal like love but it's more like infactuation.Thats not to say it won't grow into love.Are you sure he feels this way about you? Mr Paradise Answer Everyone talks as if they know what love is...You see love is everyone's own definition of it..so if you feel you fell in love with this ( Full Answer )

How do you make someone fall in love with you?

Falling in Love is quite complicated. There are just so many contributing factors that we need to put intoconsideration. Particularly on the men's side. Most of the ladies today are attracted to guys with fancy things and a lot of cash at their disposal. Some like a man because he is very good in ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to fall back in love with you?

Answer . You can't get anyone to do something they don't want to. You can't change others, only yourself. What you can do is show your affection and respect. make your intentions known and disply all the qualities in yourself worthy of love. If it's the right match, the other person will dev ( Full Answer )

How do you fall in love with someone?

There is no special thing you have to do to fall in love; it's just something that gradually happens. Falling in love takes time, and when you are in love you may not even know it, also you might get butterflys in your tummy when you are around him/her or when his/her name is mentioned.. There is n ( Full Answer )

Can you get someone to fall in love with you?

Sadly No Sweety Unless You Physically Force them , but yhu can go to prison for that .If You Believe In Soul Mates And You Actally Want a Future With This Person then the worst thing you can do is force them , you will lose theyre trust and yhu will start to irritate them until its all over . I he/s ( Full Answer )

How do you fall out of love with someone?

You don't. If your really desparate though, try to find things thatyou don't like about him. See how he is with your feelings. If yourdating though, please please don't be hard on them. It's a roughspot to be in

How can you tell if someone is falling in love with you?

Answer . 1. After spending the night with you they will kiss your cheek softly when saying goodbye in the morning so as not to wake you. 2. They will gently touch you whenever they can. 3. You will feel them looking at you when you are not looking at them. 4. They will notice when you are u ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to fall in love with you?

you don't.if they love for you then they love you Answer u cant make somone fall in love with u.... some things just arn't ment to be.... :( be yourself and trip them ;)

Is it possible for a Narcissist in a loveless marriage to fall in love with someone else and be a better person?

\n. \nAnything is possible these days as we all want to be loved and if we are in a useless marriage where's the fun in that.\n. \n Answer \n. \nNarcissists "fall in love" in the idealization stage. They become a "Better Person" only because they are pretending to be what the idealized target ( Full Answer )

If someone kiss you who you love but the person does not know how to tell you that they love you because they say they are afraid to fall in love?

Answer . Answer. Maybe this person was in a relationship and was really hurt and now although he may want to be with you, he's natually afraid that you will break his heart. Not only girls get broken hearts. Take it slowly with him, gain his trust and whatever else you may do, don't hurt him his ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to stop falling in love with you?

Answer . dont take any showers seriously . Answer . The usual understanding of falling in love is that some one attaches, wants to see and be with you all the time. As real love is totally free and does not require your presence or any one else to manifest itself, that attraction is noth ( Full Answer )

What should you do when someone falls in love with you?

Don't be afraid. There is nothing much to do. If you love them too then you should love them back. It is a great thing to have: someones love. They will do all that they can to please you. If it is the case that you are not in love with them just give it a chance. You will find that you might end up ( Full Answer )

How do get someone to fall in love with you?

There are methods that work, and so well that you have to be careful who you use them on. Read "How to make anyone fall in love with you". It works, it's easy. You just have to stick to it and NEVER EVER CHASE A MAN! (Or if you do, it is crucial that you make him feel like he is doing the chasing).

How do you tell if someone is falling in love with you?

\nif someone is falling in live with you, there are many signs. if someone is falling in love with you, they will be more careful of the way they look towards you, they will keep smiling at you eventhough they try their best to not show it, they will laugh at everything you joke about eventhough its ( Full Answer )

How can you get someone to fall in love with you?

Falling in love is such a mutual, reciprocal, action that one person cannot make it happen. You do have the power to keep an open heart, to be a good friend to your friends, mind your health, stop waiting to meet someone and make your life interesting to you and do what you must to become independen ( Full Answer )

Do you plan to fall in love with someone?

Answer. People don't plan on falling in love, it's a natural thing that happens between two people. If you are planning such a thing you are wasting your time as you can't even plan who you will meet. You can say to yourslf, I want to meet this guy or that guy, but you can't plan it for them, it ha ( Full Answer )

How much can someone fall in love?

There's really no measuring how much a person can fall in love as love is a very strong emotion that goes very deep and makes human beings do things normally seen as crazy, impossible, silly, irrational, and so on.

What you have to do when you fall in love to someone?

You can't do anything. If you don't want to fall in love with them then distance yourself from them. But you need to think if i didn't like them then why am i falling in love with them? If you wish to fall in love with them then let yourself, but nothing lasts forever and there's a difference betwee ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone is falling out of love with you?

They leave you, or they make drastic changes in their lifestyle. Most likely, He/She is depressed or something is wrong on his/her end that you are unaware of. Stress that you probably relieved in the beginning is now resurfacing. Try communication, more.

What do you do when someone has falling out of love for you?

There is nothing you can do. You can communicate with them to find a way to bring the love back, but until you have fell out of love with someone, it's going to hurt when you break up because you don't know how it feels to fall out of love. It's as if there is nothing there. No love you just see eac ( Full Answer )

Can I fall in love with someone who is not attractive?

If you fall in love with someone it's because they are attractive to you in some way.. If you try override your own feelings by taking on board the personal views of others you'll end up confused and possibly lonely.. Make up your own mind. What's attractive to you isn't necessarily attractive to ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your falling in love with someone?

I guess if whenever you see him/her, you start to feel happy and your hearts starts to pound in your chest.\nWhen they smile at you, you smile back the biggest cheeseiest grin possible. You talk about him/her to your friends non stop and dream about him/her every night.\nI guess that's what it is. I ( Full Answer )

Reasons to fall in love with someone?

If you can ask you are either too young or too callous There is a persistent joy in having someone who knows all of your stories, and enjoys you more for them, as well as looking forward to making new ones with you. There are the physical work outs which do not hold the same meaning without the exci ( Full Answer )

How does someone fall in love?

It just happens. Often times, love is a deeper emotion that is unlike infatuation (which is that fluttery feeling when you lust for a person and feel like you're on top of the world). Love on the other hand is much more than just attraction and kissing. Getting to know each other in a way that is de ( Full Answer )

How do you avoid from someone to fall in love with you?

Tell them that you have herpes.. Haha...herpes... ppl will not believe it la... I am married and have 2 kids.. but no matter how I tell ppl how much I loved my husband... still same.....certain guys still try to make me falling in love with them.... eventhough how long will it take.... I am not pro ( Full Answer )

Why do you fall in love with someone?

The reason for love is a very difficult thing to answer. But I believe people fall in love because no one is truly complete without it! Without that one person you can tell anything to, who will always b there for you no matter what without question! Who can light up your day with the simplest thing ( Full Answer )

What is it to mean to fall in love with someone?

it means that when you first look at them you feel your heart melting inside you, you can't take your eyes off that person, you can't stand to live a day without seeing them, you feel alot of emotions when you see that person that I can't list them all. Answer . That is a pretty good description a ( Full Answer )

Why you fall in love with a person who is commeited someone.?

I think we do this for multiple reasons. The heart will always want what the heart wants whether the person is attainable or not. You can't control who you love or why..... You just do. If this person is commited to someone else, you need to move on. Don't hold onto that last ounce of hope that they ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to fall in love with someone?

No, it takes time for you to get to know the person. If you want a good relationship then you should really take the time to really get to know them.

When you fall in love with someone are you ever able to fall out of love with that person?

Yes, it is quite possible. If you are younger, say a teenager, then developing crushes is natural. When you're a teen, you're not in "love;" it's just a crush. After a while, you'll start to perhaps notice differences between you and the person who you like. These differences may be the thing tha ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you are falling in love with someone?

One can tell if they are falling in love with someone in a number of ways. If you find yourself longing to see, hear, or be with that person, that could be one indication. If you don't see them for a while and in that period miss being with them, this could also be an indication. If you attempt to b ( Full Answer )

When should someone fall in love?

when you meet someone you like LOVE and you'll know your in love because you'll never want to leave them ever and that's when your in love

How can someone fall out of love?

Sounds like a sentence made up as an excuse doesn't it, Maybe they weren't ever in love truly, they were just happy where they were in life and who they were with" at the time. Many people wrongly use the word love. Love isn't just something you find, But you surely seem too feel it when you lose so ( Full Answer )

How do you fall out of love with someone you are not meant to be with?

My first thought in reading this question was "how do you know you aren't suppose to be with this person?" If you wish to stop loving become involved in something else. Doing other things will take your mind off this person. Don't see them or speak to them and as time goes on the "love" will fade.

How can you fall in love with someone you hate?

It occurs when you are forced to always be around someone you hate. If you are always around someone and the reason why you hate them is because of different views then it is possible to fall in love. It is through those arguments that you may fall in love with them; since over time they will become ( Full Answer )

When will someone fall in love with you?

When you just be yourself and show a lot of respect towards that person. If you treat them the way you want to be treated, and have a few jokes to make them laugh, they might start to show interest in you, even attraction.

Can you fall in love with someones memory?

if you mean, like they have past away and you are in love with their memory? Yes it is possible. You may not have realised it but now that they are gone you feel in love with them. If this it what you mean, it isn't rare, quite normal really.

What does fall in love with someone mean?

It's a state of being when you meet your soulmate. It's hard to describe but you'll know when if you are ever fortunate enough to have it happen to you.