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If the man gave the semen sample by masturbating, it's called IUI.

If the sperm was removed surgically, that removal procedure is called MESA. Then a sperm is injected through an egg removed in an egg retrieval via a process called ICSI, and the fertilized embryo is put into the woman. That process as a whole is called IVF, but IVF doesn't always include ICSI.

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How do people got pregnant?

People? woman get pregnant when her egg present and her male partner inject his sperm in to her vagina and sperm reaches egg form zygote.

Do male sperm drip out of a woman?

Yes, it's called a creampie.

When can a woman conceive a male a child?

before a woman conceived a male child, you have to have sex close to ur ovulation so that if the egg drop the male sperm will be there to meet the eeg. because male sperm die quickly than the female sperm.

The male sex cell is called?

It is called gamete. In animals the male gamete is always a sperm. In most flowering plants the male gamete is also called sperm.

What cell does the male has?

the male has a cell called Sperm

What is the success rate for IVF with male factor infertility?

Since when doing IVF the best eggs are selected therefore male factor infertility shouldn't cause to much of a problem, there is also a form of IVF called ICSI where a woman undergoes IVF and specialists literally inject a sperm into the egg with a microinjector. As such, this procedure is often, but not always, used to treat male infertility, specifically disorders relating to the testes and sperm production.

What is a male gamete called?

The male gamete is a sperm. The female gamete is an ova or egg.

Is it true that female sperm live longer than male sperm inside the woman?

sure why not ---- There is NO such thing as female sperm.

What is the male sex cell called?

Male gametes, or sex cells, are called sperm.

The male sex cell is called the?

The male sex cell is called the sperm cell.

Where are the male sex cells called?

The male sex cells or gametes are called sperm.

How do you get pregnant if you don't have a male egg?

Assuming you are human you will never have access to male eggs since the human male only have sperm and it's the woman who have eggs. Without sperm - no baby. There are clinics where you can buy sperm and you can do a IVF treatment.

What are Male and female sex cells sperm and eggs?

The male sex cell is called the sperm and the female sex cells are called the ova (singular: ovum)

A male sex cell is called?

The male sex cell is called the sperm. Spermatozoon, plural: spermatozoa

What are male gamates called?

sperm cells or spermatozoa

What male reproductive cell?

It is called a sperm cell

Can a woman get pregnant if the male has not hit puberty?

This answer is no. If the male has not hit puberty then he cannot produce sperm, which is what makes the woman pregnant. But if the male has hit puberty, it is important to always use a condom.

The male sex cells are called?

A gamete. It might be a bit too broad though. In animals the male gamete is always a sperm. In most flowering plants the male gamete is also called sperm.

What is a sperm and ovum called?

Male and female reproductive cells, sperm and ovum, are both gametes.

What are the male sex glands that produce sperm and hormones?

The male gonads, which release sperm and the hormone testosterone, are called the 'testes' (singular: testis).

How can a trans gender male and a genetic female have a baby?

The male is still a male so he does produce sperm. If the male had intercourse before he got his surgery that may be another way that reproduction is possible. But males still genetically make sperm and no matter what a woman turned man does not make sperm b/c inside/naturally they were still a woman unable to make sperm. The only difference is the tool they use has been changed or evolved

Where are male gametes made?

Male gametes are made in the testis. male gametes are more-often called sperm.

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