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I think it's called filtering.

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Q: What is it called when water goes in and out of a clam?
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What is the clam called if it has 2 shells?

It is called a clam.

Is a manila clam a fresh water clam?

No, the manila clam is saltwater.

What is the difference between a clam and a clamp?

A clamp is something that goes on a scooter and a clam is a fish

What is a young clam called?

== == A young clam is called a larva, spat, or a littleneck.

What are the clam's siphons names?

The clam has two siphons. The excurrent siphon (which expels water and waste out of the clam) and the incurrent siphon (which brings oxygen and food and water into the clam).

Why is a clam called a filter feeder?

A clam is called a filter feeder because it sucks in water and food (plankton and other microscopic creatures) through its incurrent siphon. Then, it filters the water with its gills and the waste water is excreted through the excurrent siphon. Then, the labial palps push the food into the clams mouth and the clam starts eating.

What does 'happy as a clam' mean?

The original phrase was "happy as a clam at high tide." Clams live in the sand beneath the ocean. When the tide goes out, they are left without any water, and have to survive on what they store in their holes. So when the tide is high, a clam is happy and has plenty of water for food and oxygen.

What is a group of clam's called?

a bed of clams or a clam bed

When do you clam in salt water?

A Bath

Does a clam live in water?


How do you keep a clam alive?

if you found your clam in a lake,pond,or river, then take some of the water with you in a bag or container and get more of that water every once and a whileand keep your clam in it.

What might the clam do if you disturb it?

The Geoduck squirts water. The rest just clam-up

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