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It's more of a title than a definition. You are simply known as an "Overachiever"


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Just about everything but you.

Many people are interested in IT because this field is growing. IT is also a field of the future. Everything seems to be getting computers.

Everything it does is called its function or its ecological niche

When the government controls everything, It is called Command/Communism

The ideal Renaissance man should be interested in everything and know a bit of everything. Leonardo did.

Everything. He read a great deal and thought about a lot of things.

>> A person tripping over everything is called? A "clutz."

When a corporation owns everything it's called a monopoly.

The dwarves are interested in (as dwarves are wont to be) tales of gold and treasure, and Beorn, having little use for these items - - he has everything he needs - - is not interested in material wealth.

All of space, all of time, and everything in them, is called the "Universe".

Well you can see it in his eyes or he will do anything and everything for you..

because Indian people arealways interested in others things

He was interested in teaching people that god wanted the world to be a place where everyone loved everyone and everything was peaceful (no greed). He was also interested in learning god's ways and teaching people.

Biblical history, because I believe it is the most accurate historical account of everything.

An ecologist who studies how several species in an area interact is interested in the biological organization called a

No one person knows everything. Some people are more familiar with topics that they're interested in. Then there are others who may have general knowledge on a variety of subjects so it only appears that they know everything.

The amazing thing about Leonardo was that he was interested in everything.

Everything is made up of extremely small particles called atoms.

Everything that exists is either called the Universe or the Cosmos.

pantheism, basically. This means that there's a life force, and everyone and everything is connected to it. Everything is in god, and everything is god.

Anything and everything. Just talk about things you are interested in and if she likes you she will chat back. Ask her if she would like to meet you after school or at the weekend and go somewhere. You will soon find out.

We called it Bengbeng-ball ,and when I was young I am interested in it,even was crazy with it!

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