What is it called when you cant eat anything dairy?

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Can you eat dairy cows?

Yes you can. Dairy cows that are no longer able to produce milk on the dairy farm are sold to the auction mart or slaughter houses for more money than beef cows bring at the auction mart. Dairy cows are only able to produce milk for only a few years, and as they get older their milk production abili ( Full Answer )

How much do dairy cattle eat?

A lactating dairy cow is expected to eat around 5 to 6% of her body weight in dry matter ration per day. How much she eats (as in kg or lb) is determined by factors such as moisture level in the feed, the body weight of the cow, and others. Thus, a cow may eat anywhere from 40 lbs to 100 lbs of feed ( Full Answer )

Do vegetarians eat dairy products?

Yes they can but some of them don't and that is if your going way extreme but i would stick with dairy its an important part of your diet and so is meat but i respect your choices . To expand on the previous response: Generally speaking, a vegetarian is someone who does not consume meat/fish/fow ( Full Answer )

Your preteen cant find anything to do?

Ask your preteen if there is anything that he or she is interestedin learning more about. They might be happier if they startedplaying a sport or signed up for a class (such as dance or martialarts).

Can Jews eat dairy products?

Jews consider dairy products kosher as long as they are not from forbidden animals or nothing is added to the product to render it non-kosher, such as rennet in cheese. Additionally, some Jews will only use products labeled 'chalav Yisroel', these are dairy items that have Jews directly involved in ( Full Answer )

Can you eat a dairy cow?

I am sure that you could, but dairy cows are more valuable to farmers for the milk they produce, not their meat.

Why do you need to eat dairy products?

You do not need to eat dairy products. Consuming dairy products leads to a decrease in calcium stores in the body. Casein in dairy products binds with calcium in the bones, which is then excreted from the body.

What do dairy cattle eat?

What dairy cattle are allowed to consume as part of their totalmixed ration (TMR) depends on the availability of various feeds,cost of the feedstuffs that are available, the nutrient quality ofthese feedstuffs, the type of dairy cattle being fed, theirreproductive/lactative stages and their nutritio ( Full Answer )

Cant feel anything with a condom on what do you do?

I have the same problem, granted my issue is less about the condom and about lower body sensation in whole. After a bad injury to my lower back its left me with reduced sensation in my entire lower body. After many times of trying and failing, I bought some Trojan Supra condoms, they are made out of ( Full Answer )

Why do you get sick after eating eggs or dairy?

The only thing i can think of, is perhaps you've developed some kind of allergy to it. But really, there are a number of reasons and possibilities. one thing you should consider, is maybe it is psychological, as in, perhaps there was a point in your life when you gorged yourself so much with eggs th ( Full Answer )

You are gluten intolerant but why are you bloated everytime you eat even though you eat completely gluten free Dairy carbination grease etc will cause me bloating. anything i can dotake for this?

I don't know much about this topic, but my whole family has Celiac Disease. When my brother got diagnosed, he was very bloated because his body was basically starving itself. It was gathering all of the nutrience from the other foods he ate and stored them, which caused him to bloat. I'm not sure if ( Full Answer )

Why do you eat dairy products?

milk and other dairy product of lots of nutrients that we need. The vitamins and minerals in milk and other dairy products will help us live big and strong

Can Hindus eat dairy?

Most of the Hindu diet is based upon dairy as the cow is considered as the substitute for one's own mother - so a Hindu diet is based upon dairy products: milk, butter, ghee, yoghurt etc.

Do rabbits eat dairy?

yes rabbits do eat some dairy's but not all of them and it depends because all rabbits like different things just like humans like different things.

Can you eat dairy products and amoxicilin?

Yes, in fact it is recommend because any antibiotics will strip your body of bacteria (both good and bad) so it helps restore the bacteria in your intestines and by restoring it, the yogurt prevents or makes the diarrhea less. It also keeps you from getting yeast infections while on antibiotics.

Are you anorexic if you just cant eat anything fattening?

Not exactly. Anorexics (eventually) won't eat almost anything, healthy or fattening ro somewhere - anywhere - in between that. There are plenty of healthy people out there who prefer to live a lifestyle that is a "healthy" one, free of sugars or processed or fatty foods. But they are not anorexic.

What dairy products should you not eat?

If you are lactose intolerant you shouldn't really eat/drink any dairy products. . If I were you I wouldn't drink the bad milk in the fridge, it'll taste gross. Oh and don't eat that bad, smelly cream cheese, sour cream, or yogurt either!! More or less....don't eat any bad/over due dairy products. ( Full Answer )

Why it is not kosher to eat poultry with dairy?

"It's mixing meat with dairy - the first NO-NO of the kosher dietary laws!" Umm it's actually a rabbinic extension of the prohibition on meat and dairy. The rabbis were concerned that the similar texture of meat and poultry would lead people to erroneously believe that meat is allowed to be eaten ( Full Answer )

What do dairy calves eat?

They drink milk but at a later age, they eat grass, hay and grain with added vitamins and minerals or just plain grain.

Do Jews eat dairy with fish?

Yes, it is kosher to combine fish with dairy. In the laws ofkashrut there are three food categories: dairy, meat, and pareve(neutral). Fish falls in the category of being pareve. SomeSephardi groups do not combine fish and dairy though. However, although fish is pareve, there is a Talmudic traditio ( Full Answer )

Why you should eat dairy products?

Dairy products are a good source of calcium, which helps strengthen the bones. However, for those who have allergies or just aren't fond of it, there are many alternatives, such as soy milk, that will give you the same amount of needed calcium.

Can vegetarians eat dairy?

Yes, vegetarians can eat dairy products. Vegetarians who also don't eat any dairy products are called "vegan."

Is there anything you cant eat or drink after getting a labret piercing?

If you mean like a lip piercing, it honestly doesnt matter what you eat. Its if you clean your piercing after you eat. I always mouth washed after i ate when i just got my lip pierced. Hope that helped :) for any piercing question please contact me kuusk8er8@hotmail.com :P P.S. oh yeuh dont eat hot ( Full Answer )

Can hamsters eat dairy?

No it's not their natural diet so it's best not to feed it to them. I'm not sure if they will be ill from it but they might.

Do Chinese eat dairy products?

It's not a large part of the traditional diet in China, butoccasionally they do, usually in rare-ish treats like ice cream. Most adult humans are somewhat lactose-intolerant compared to thoseof northern European descent (and most infants can handle lactosejust fine).

Can you eat dairy with an abscessed tooth?

Good question. Dairy can bind certain types of antibiotics. Often times antibiotics are prescribed for a abscesesd tooth. Always follow the directions give with the prescription medication dispensed from the pharmacy.

Can vegetarians eat dairy products?

That would depend on the philosophy behind being a vegetarian. Many vegetarians don't eat meat due to the necessity of killing an animal to obtain the meat, but might consume milk or cheese since milking does not kill the animal. Vegans, on the other hand, would not eat any animal products due to ( Full Answer )

Can Muslims eat dairy food?

There are some dairy foods that Muslims are allowed to eat. Theycan have milk, yogurt, cheese, and also butter. Typically, as longas the dairy product comes from a halal animal (i.e. cows andgoats, not tigers and elephants), the dairy is consumable.

Does eating dairy cause phlegm?

Yes, but not the way you think. The dairy, when mixed with saliva, causes it to reconstitute and become a thick congealed mess(if solid dairy). Milk has fat molecules in it and they clump together to form thick phlegm. That's why it helps combat the capsaicin in spicy foods.

What are the disadvantages of not eating dairy foods?

There are probably scientific answers to this, but in simple terms, the main disadvantage of avoiding dairy foods is the risk of becoming calcium deficient, which can in the long term cause osteoporosis, weak teeth, etc. However, in some parts of the world people eat hardly any dairy food, but they ( Full Answer )

What type of dairy can mice eat?

Mice should only eat lactose free diary products, as they can't digest lactose very well. However, small amounts of cheese, milk, creams & such with or without lactose are a good treat a couple times a week for adult mice. Cheese will make them fat though.

What do you call a person who doesn't eat meat but eats dairy?

A vegetarian . A vegetarian is a person who doesn't eat meat, but will eat...let's say; ice cream. On the other hand, a Vegan is a person who will not eat any animal products whatsoever. No milk, no eggs, none of it.A frekkin vegetrian for god sakes how dumb could u get!

Does eating dairy cause cancer?

Yes, eating dairy does cause cancer, along with all other animal proteins, eg: meat, fish, eggs. All animal proteins are acidic and cancer cells can only survive in an acidic environment. Plant proteins are alkaline and so do not promote cancer. Dairy contains the hormone IGF-1 (insulin growth facto ( Full Answer )

Do Jews eat dairy foods?

Yes, if they are kosher. However, since dairy and meat cannot bemixed, Jews cannot eat dairy foods if they contain meat or if thereis insufficient time between the dairy consumption and the meatconsumption.

Why Jews cant eat meat and dairy together?

The Torah specified that we cannot cook a kid (baby goat) in its mother's milk. So that we don't accidentally violate this or appear to violate this, we do not combine dairy and meat in any way.

Can you eat a dairy bull?

Yes, but you're better off using him for ground beef or sausages as the meat from mature bulls (and cows) is often too tough and strong-tasting to be used for roasts and steaks.

What do you eat if you're allergic to dairy?

Obviously one would think that you eat things which have no milk or milk products. Most people wold think that means avoid milk, cream, ice cream, and cheese. However many foods use materials like whey powder and other milk byproducts to bulk up the nutrition value. This includes many foods like hot ( Full Answer )

Do vegetarian's eat eggs and dairy?

Yes, most of them do. Vegetarians do not eat meat, but they do eat animal products such as eggs, milk and cheese.

Can dairy farms be called dairy?

No. If you called a dairy farm just "dairy," it may not refer tospecifically the dairy farm itself, but to something else entirely.There are many things that have the term dairy attached to it, fromcows to barns the industry itself. Another Answer: A dairy farm is commonly know as a dairy in toda ( Full Answer )