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What is it called when you remove some information from a file or remove a file from the disk?


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what is it called when you remove some information from a file or remove a file from a file from the disk

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Editing the file. ReWriteing the file. Modding the file. Many names can be used. But if you are talking about editing the file in a way to make it do things it shouldn't this would be called: Cracking the file. Hacking the file. Exploiting the file.

The Compact Disk File System or CDFS is a format used for storing information on CD's. It uses a laser to burn data into the disk for later viewing.

If you mean the type of file it is called the file extension.

If you mean in computing terms - File Allocation Table. It's the area on a disk where information about the files stored on that disk is stored.

just right click on file and save it in disk

i want remove information what can i do.

Its the other way around. You put the file on the floppy disk

This question is a little ambiguous - if you're just opening a file on the disk or tape, you're just closing the file when you're done. However, if you're talking about disconnecting from the drive itself, this generally is called unmounting.

If there is a bankruptcy filing showing on your credit report and you did not actual file, you should dispute that information with the three credit bureaus. They will then investigate and remove the information if it is inaccurate.

An .iso file is a standard format to store the contents of an optical disk as one file on the computer. To Burn a disk is to open this file with a program such as Nero and copy it to the disk in such a way that the disk works like the original disk that the file was made from. To Mount the .iso as a file, it to use a program to make the file appear as a disk on your computer, so that you can read the contents. "Mount" is used in many computer systems to mean: "Connect to the disk so the disk so that I can use it".

To organize the way that files are stored on a computer disk, so that all the information belonging to a file, is stored on a single contiguous area on the disk.

'Delete,' strictly speaking, although a file may be 'removed' in other ways, via Cut/paste, Move, or other commands. Quotations around removed because the file is still on the hard drive, and recoverable, until it is physically wiped or overwritten.

The operating system.Or - FileThe correct answer is "operating system." This stores the data on a disk.A file is a collection of data that is stored in the computer which is also called a document.

a copy of the file or folder is created on the disk

u just have to scan that particular booklet by a scaner..then put it in a file..then insert a new CD disk in ur CD drive...then burn the CD with that particular file

file management is one of the most visible component of an operating system. computer can store information of several different types of physical media. Magnetic disk,Optical disk, and magnetic tape are the most common.

Select the file by clicking on it one timeClick the 'delete' button on the keyboardYou will be asked if you really want to delete the fileClick 'Yes'If you do not want to have to do that extra click to confirm the delete operation hold the Shift key down when you press the Delete key.The procedure above will lable the area(s) occupied by the file as "Free" which means that another file could use part or all of the portions of the disk that held the 'deleted' file's information. Deleting in this way WILL NOT remove the information from your hard disk. If someone with enough knowledge, the right software and time looks hard enough they will be able to reconstruct som or all of the 'deleted' files.To really remove files and make them inaccessible you need special software. It is probably easier to buy a new hard drive and destroy the old one.

Unless it is a re-writable disk you cannot change what is written on it. You will need to start again on a new disk. If it is an un-finalized re-writable, you can delete the file directly. If it has been finalized you need to erase the disk and start over.

A block of information stored in an HTML file on a server is called a control file. A file may contain program instructions or data, which may be numerical, textual or graphical information.

Disk duplication is the process of creating an exact copy of the entire file system on one disk on another disk.

It is called a 201 file because the form number for the folder the information is contained in is Department of the Army (DA) Form 201.

The data on the disk can be encrypted while still being easily accessible to anyone with a password. Such encryption is not possible with paper.

Its not recommended to remove them since they are a part of System file

A) It is sued to determine the amount of free space on a partition. B) It is used to view file and folder properties stored on a disk. C) It is used to display,create and remove partitions on the drives.

Command.com ATTRIB whatever file is called -R this removes any passwords and read-only privelages on the file.

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