What is it if you give it food it lives but give it water it dies?

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Which food are best at giving you energy?

berries,citris,vegetables,whole grains,fish,legumes,nuts and seeds,lean proteins,herbal teas,olive oil. Citrus does not really give many people energy. Because it is an Acid, it burns many people on the inside and therefor takes energy away. Also, all grains except for amaranth are known to be ( Full Answer )

What animal dies after giving birth?

Salmon Octopus Squid May Flies Come to think of it all animals die after giving birth. If they died before giving birth there's a good chance of them becoming extinct.

What are the food gives us energy?

Carbohydrates, such as starch and sugar. These would be found in bread and cakes, breakfast cereals, potatoes, rice, sugar, molasses, energy drinks and so on. Some fat intake would also be converted to energy.

What age do you give kittens food and water?

You will have both out for the mother cat, and as she weans them around six weeks or so, they will start showing an interest in "big kitty" food. At that time, you may need to add a set of plates (it is easier for tiny kittens to eat from flat surfaces instead of bowls) to accommodate everyone.

What if your cat dies after giving birth?

ask the vet how to take care of newborn kittens. you have to be prepared for getting up in the night, making sure they are warm, mixing up a special milk formula to feed them etc. Ask the vet for more details.

What food can give you food poisoning?

Raw Meat, Raw Eggs, Unwashed Produce, Poorly cooked Rice, and any food that has come in contact with surfaces that have bacteria that cause food poisoning on them.

How much food and water should you give your hermit crab?

You should give them a good chunk of food like for a carrot cut off a chunk, same with tomatoes, and mangoes ect. You should have a small container, like a reptile bowl, or a shell (NOT TOO DEEP, for hermies can drown). and you add enough water for it to be not higher than the middle of their legs. ( Full Answer )

Give animal and give kind of food?

uh, hamster you buy packs of food in local pet store you can give them lettuce too bananas (little amounts) I LOVE HAMSTERS

Do you give water when giving first aid?

It dépends, if the victim is thirsty and able to drink alone, give him or her a glass of water. When doing first aid, be logical : if the victim is conscious, he feels where it hurts, what he needs. The victim will place himself in a comfurtable position. Do not take decision for him (or her). ( Full Answer )

Why do stray cats meow when you give them food water and then leave?

Because they want attention!!! You give them food, water, etc. And they want more attention, cause usually people shoo them away. You actually helped them get through a little part of life!!!!! Giving them a little food and water is like a miracle from heaven to a stray cat!! They get so little in l ( Full Answer )

Give an example of how cohesion among water molecules is important to living things?

Cohesion is the attraction or holding together of molecules of the same substance. It affects living organisms through water, which also has adhesion (holding together of molecules of different substances). A combination of cohesion and adhesion creates capillary action, the ability for water (or an ( Full Answer )

Do you put food you give your baby red eared slider in their water?

Yes. Most freshwater aquatic turtles prefer to feed from the surface of the water. The standard (and best) turtle food is Reptomin Floating Food Sticks, which come in a tall green can with a yellow lid. As advertised, these food sticks float on the surface.

Does plants give us food?

Yes, They do. Plants such as carrots and strawberry, give us food. I think most fruit and vegetables are from plants

What food does Michael give Skellig?

Michael mainly gives Skellig Chinese food so that he can recharge.He also gives him cod liver oil, brown ale, and aspirin.

What disease can mice give to food?

Food poisoning. Mice carry a multitude of bacteria that comes from their environment, so depending on where the mouse has been, depends on what they'll leave behind.

When do give your puppy dog food?

Puppies start getting dog food as soon as they are weaned from the mother. Puppies will start with dog food specifically formulated for puppies and then at a year old would then graduate to dog food. Most dog foods specify age for each brand of food.

What food do you give a race horse?

All horses are vegetarians - they eat plants. A racehorse is used to a diet that is higher in concentrated feeds like grain. They usually eat hays with a high level of nutrient value such as alfalfa. Each horse is different however, and will require specific feed personalized to his needs to stay he ( Full Answer )

What does food give to people and animals?

Food gives people and animals energy. Fortunatly for us humans, we don't need alot of food for alot of energy. Un fortunatly, animals have to eat two times more than we have to to get the great amout of energy it needs. it gives people and animals energy especially healthy food

What foods do you give a child with diarrhea?

Only Pepto-Bismol and crackers. Apples (as well as apple juice and applesauce) are supposed to be good for diarrhea as well. The pectin in them apparently acts as a natural anti-diarrheal medicine. Raw apples are also good for the opposite problem (constipation) as they have lots of fiber.

What food shall you give your kittens?

It depends on how old they are. Brand new babies should drink mom's milk, and around 4 weeks start with a kitten formulated wet food. Do not use any "cat milk" unless instructed by a vet, it is still not good for the kittens

What foods give you nightmares?

People believe it's different things for example: Excessive eating of Sweets, cheese etc. This is only a Theory but however mainly eating too much of any food can cause nightmares. Eating anytime close to your bedtime will usually cause them (within 2-3 hours). Foods high in calories or fat conte ( Full Answer )

How can you give the horned toad its food?

Since they like to hunt their prey, the best way to feed them is tolet their live prey loose in their enclosure and let them hunt.However, if they don't eat, it's usually best to take the prey outovernight, so they can't harm the lizard. If you have ants, drop afew into a corner of the aquarium and ( Full Answer )

How do you give food to a baby rabbit?

Baby rabbits, once they're weaned, are able to feed themselves: you just have to put the food where they can access in (like in a bowl on the ground). A baby rabbit that isn't weaned should be drinking milk from its mother, which the mother and baby can do on their own without human help. If you ha ( Full Answer )

What food to give to a hermit crab?

Well I happen to have 2 hermit crabs. When I first got them, they came with a little jar of hermit crab food. If your hermit crab didn't come with food, then you can usually get it at a pet store. And I also will feed my crabs bits of cooked meat, non-citrus fruits (extremley important not to give t ( Full Answer )

Can vegetables give food poisoning?

Yes the vegetables have to be washed before eating and before cooking to remove any harmful bacteria that may cause food poisoning. The vegetables should also be stored correctly so they are still fresh when eaten. Potatoes should not be eaten if they are yellowing through the white part.

What will die if you give it water but you can give it food?

A Fire >> Actually a fire wouldn't die, once a fire is started you would need to "give" it a lot of water to even put out 5% of it! in fact i would say... A plant! plants, (contrary to popular belief) actually drown! this could cause the plants death! this is because plant cells cannot store a lot ( Full Answer )

What foods gives us water?

tomatoes,cucumber,carrots, loads most healthy foods like fruit and vedge because they are full of water to make them healthy. like chocolate that doesnt have water in because its un-healthy

What do you give a boss when someone dies?

Why would you give him or her anything? Just because an employee dies is no reason to give the boss something. If they were relatied somehow, a card would be all that is required or should be expected.

Which food can not give us food?

Fast food such as, mustard, chips, pretzels, hamburger's, cheese, candy chees-its, and a lot of other foods too.

Does the plant die or live if you give it lots of water?

Hiya :-) it depends how much water. If you put a little amount the chances are your plant will die whereas if you out to much the plant may die. If your watering a plant make sure you don't drown the plant or dehydrate the plant give it a healthy amount. Thank You, hope i answered your question. Min ( Full Answer )

Did Barack Obama give homeless people food and water?

He may have, but he has not said much about it. When he first worked in Chicago, he was a community organizer and an advocate for the poor. So there is the possibility that in addition to focusing on helping poor people get housing (which we know he did) and helping them with their legal problem, he ( Full Answer )

When to give a puppy dog food and water?

Puppies can begin feeding and drinking water on their own once they are weaned from the mother (when they no longer suckle milk from her teats). They should be fed commercial dog food that is made expressly for puppies until they are at least six months of age, and then gradually introduced to adult ( Full Answer )