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What is it like to be bipolar?


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You feel like you want to kill yourself,other people. You hear voices telling you to do something like kill someone, something, or yourself.


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No, not all women are bipolar. Bipolar is a mental disorder, just like cancer, or having lost an arm. We all have problems but women get mood swings because of PMS, not because they are bipolar.

No it does not, you will like the same people whether or not you have bipolar. Imagine someone you love no matter what (family member, friend etc), you know that you will like that person ''no matter what''. The same goes for you, bipolar will not change this change you like. However that's not to say you will always like the same type of people, as you go through life what you like in a person can change. This is a normal.

You can tell if you have bipolar disease by going to the doctor and getting some tests done. The doctor will be able to determine if you indeed do have bipolar disease. You cannot diagnose yourself with something like this.

Bipolar II disorder is more common in women than men. However, that does not mean ALL girls are bipolar. That's just rude to both girls and people with bipolar, because we all know when you say "are girls bipolar", you don't mean "do girls get extreme mood swings, usually consisting of mania (extreme highs) and depression (extreme lows)?"

If you are not bipolar and have a specific reason to go to a bipolar support group, like supporting a relative/friend or for educational purposes, then you would likely be allowed. You might need to ask the group for permission and have a legitimate reason

Bipolar NOS is a category for bipolar states that do not clearly fit into the bipolar I, II, or cyclothymia diagnoses.

They would lie for the same reasons people without bipolar disorder lie. Those of us with bipolar (like me) do notlie any more often than anyone else does.

Although Bipolar Disorder effects everyone differently, Bipolar Disorder has been known to effect happiness, sadness, interests, likes, dislikes, etc. If you are intersted in learning more I encourage you to search "Bipolar Disorder" in a search engine. (Here is a site I like:

Desorden bipolar o trastorno bipolar

Bipolar is an actual disorder. Emo means emotional that means like there very emotional aout things.Some people are bipolar and classified as emo because they have mood swings and crap lol

A psychiatrist is the physician who diagnosis and treats mental disorders like bipolar disorder. Other health care professionals who are not physicians also provide care for patients with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar is when you act totally different in sometimes a minute! Bipolar is acting from 2 different "poles", hence bi polar- like happy & sad. I pray there is no mania involved!

what is the definition if bipolar??

Bipolar I Disorder (mot to be confused with Bipolar II). Highest suicide rate, mania, to include hallucinations and hearing voices, often violence. Bipolar I disorder also includes hypomania and severe depression. The term "Bipolar" at one time was known as Manic Depressive Illness. Currently, the name for the illness has come to include, erroneously, the Bipolar II. Bipolar II does not have the element of mania that Bipolar I does. Actually Bipolar II does have a manic element, but it is hypomanic, which is a lot less severe than the mania of Bipolar I. A lot of people, like me, start out as Bipolar II but become Bipolar I when they have their first full-blown manic attack (I prefer attack to episode because that's what it is--an attack on the mind).

Kids can definitely get Bipolar, especially if one (or both) of the parents are Bipolar.

Translation of bipolar: The same word is used.

Nothing really. could be depression but depression without any phase of mania is comletly disregarding what BiPolar actually is. so nothing.

Bipolar Disease is a disease.

Bipolar is the correct spelling.

We need the depression prone bipolarcreative genius.

It is much less likely with bipolar II than with bipolar I, but yes it can.

Anything like a normal person

BIPOLAR [bi.po.'laɾ]

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