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He probably likes you! : )

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What do you do when your sister says she hates you?

You tell your mom or dad. But, when she says that she hates you, you will always know that she doesn't mean it, loves you, and always will.

What does it mean when a woman says she hates you?

For whatever reason of hers she does not like you.

Does she mean it when she says She Hates you?

It varies. She may, or may not, mean it. If she means it, it may still be temporary.

What does it mean when a guy says i don't like you as a friend?

it mean he likes you more than a friend or he hates you

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend says he hates you and won't even talk to your friends who he was close with?

There is 2 possibilitys to this situation 1 He's still really sad with breaking up with you and your friends remind him of you 2He really does hate and thinks your friends have nothing to do with him in which case FORGET HIM!

If a boy says he's feeling you what does that mean?

that means he loves or hates you still he might love you!

What does it mean when a guy stares at you a lot but doesnt talk to you?

He likes you but he is too shy to talk to you. Or he absolutely hates your guts and he is too mad to talk to you. My advice is ask him if he hates your guts and if he says yes, then he does, (duh!) and if he doesn't say anything or he says no, then he likes you.

When a girl says part of me like you and part of me hates you what does this mean?

means, she's confused if she likes u or not. OR means she hates some of ur attitude but likes some of ur attitude too.

If your boyfriend says he hates you does that really mean he does?

If he has said it after a tragic event or blunder. Than he means that he is really upset and sad.

What does it mean when he says your like family to me?

It means your just as close to him as his family is.

Does romina love Berk?

yes she loves him very much even if she says she hates him she doesn't know that berk Loves her shes not sure

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